San Juan

What to do on your trip to San Juan, PR?

Are you looking for the weekend gateway? Everyone wants to enjoy their best on the weekend. Furthermore, the best destination to enjoy the weekend is San Juan, PR. 

There is so much to do at this stunning destination. Furthermore, anyone who wishes to enjoy the best time with their loved ones should head to this destination without thinking twice. 

If you want to plan a weekend itinerary to San Juan, PR, then you are at the right place. Continue reading and know what all you can do at this place. 

How to spend your weekend in San Juan?

If you want to plan a fun-filled weekend trip and spend time away from all the worries of life, add the places below to your itinerary.

Stroll around the Historic City of San Juan

The most beautiful Caribbean city is San Juan. Furthermore, once you reach this place, the first thing you should do is to explore this historic city. Even during the day, this place has the most lively vibes. Stroll around the cobblestone streets here, and remember to click pictures. Moreover, if you want to go shopping, this is the perfect place. Various stores and shops allow one to go on a shopping spree. 

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Go hiking through the rainforest

Hiking is such a fun and amazing experience. So, on your trip, you should definitely go for it. The best place to go for hiking is El Yunque National Forest. Get ready to witness the most amazing views of mother Earth. Also, this allows travelers to spend time in the lap of nature. 

On your hiking, you will see various flora and fauna varieties. Not to forget, you will even see the mesmerizing waterfall. To keep these alive forever, don’t forget to click an endless number of pictures. 

Relax at the beach

To relax and feel refreshed, head to the most amazing beach of Luquillo Beach. Spend time at the beach, which has white sand and crystal clear water. Also, the amenities at this beach are good, and thus it makes things easy for people. Furthermore, you will find multiple bathrooms here and even lockers. 

Moreover, this is the perfect beach if you love to try various water sports. Try windsurfing, snorkeling, Jet skiing, Kayaking, and other things. This is a family-friendly beach. 

See the best artwork 

Are you an art lover? Are you keen on witnessing the best work of art? If yes, you should not miss going to the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico. Here, one gets to see the best Caribbean artwork. This work is from the 17th century, and even people who are not art lovers also enjoy this museum. In addition, there is even a sculpture outdoor garden, so one should not miss this place. 

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So, get ready to have the best weekend with your loved ones by heading to San Juan and having the most memorable time.

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