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Anal Warts: Follow the best treatment plan to remove these safely

Genital warts are nothing you have heard for the first time because most of us had these once in our lifetime. However, you should not consider these same as the warts that you find on your hands, feet, or neck. The genital warts are different from those you find on the other parts of the body. And it is very important to remove these on time because leaving these untreated can cause a lot of issues like bleeding, sores, flower-shaped growth around the anus, large lumps near the anal area, foul-smelling discharge, and irritation.

How do you know that you have anal warts?

It is not a very tough thing to know because you can feel that irritation as soon as the warts start to grow. For some people, it can be a painless journey but for some, it causes a lot of pain and bleeding. You can even feel the anal warts with your hands and check out the growth. But one important thing to remember is that you should never ignore these and think that they shall go on their own. Sometimes these warts can be a sign that your body is fighting a chronic disease. So, better to go consult a doctor to know how to treat anal warts.

How to treat anal warts?

This is not something that can go by drinking some concoction or applying homemade creams near the anal area. You need to get an appointment with the top colorectal surgeons who can help you access the whole situation and remove these safely.

Earlier anal wart removal procedures used to be done under general anesthesia, but now the doctors are using laser surgery to do the same process within a few hours. This is much safer than the traditional method and has several benefits over that.  

Do you need to take leave from work for anal warts treatment?

It is not necessary that you take a month’s leave from your work just because you have to remove the anal warts. If you go with laser surgery, it’s an outpatient procedure that takes just a couple of hours to finish and you can go back to your place the same day. You have to follow a few post-operative instructions and everything will be fine in just a few days. So, you can take Work from Home for a week and then you can join back to your office.  


Anal warts are not tough to remove if you have an appointment with the top colorectal surgeon in your city. So, don’t wait and connect with these experts to ret rid of all the pain, discomfort, and itchiness.

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