How much does it cost to prepare for IAS?

How much does it cost to prepare for IAS?

It is often seen that students who are about to appear for the UPSC exam or are preparing for IAS? A question always comes to the mind of these children: how much does it cost to prepare for IAS? Today I will tell you that if you are thinking of preparing for IAS, then how much does it cost you during preparation? And what are those expenses? Join the best IAS coaching in Dehradun.

During the preparation for IAS, there are expenses in which of the following places?

  • Talking about the expenditure during the preparation of IAS, first of all, they are good books.
  • If you take any kind of IAS coaching to prepare, whether it is online or offline, it also costs you a lot of money.
  • If you are preparing for IAS by staying out of the house, then in this case the cost of living as well as the cost of food and drink also gets added.
  • Both the things mentioned above cost the most, apart from this, many other small places can cost a little, but they are very less, due to which I have not kept them in this list.

How much is the IAS fee?

There are many such websites or applications from where you can do your studies with good teachers, but some fees are charged to you for studying in online coaching and these fees can range from ₹ 5000 to ₹ 100000.

It depends on which IAS Coaching you want to join.

IAS Exam Fees:

The exam fee for IAS is ₹100 for Prelims-Exam for Males (General/EWS/OBC) and ₹200 for Mains-Exam.

In this also relaxation is given to SC / ST / Ex-Servicemen / PWD / Women candidates. This is the application fee, that is, you have to pay this money as a form fill-up fee while filling out the form for the exam.

The fee for appearing in this exam to become an Indian administrative service is very nominal. What matters most is that the candidates are qualified.

So there is nothing to worry about regarding IAS exam fees. Any candidate who is eligible for the UPSC exam can appear for the UPSC exam by paying this easy exam fee.

How much does IAS coaching cost?

How much money is going to be spent on IAS coaching depends on two things.

Your coaching is happening online or offline.

How well are you preparing for your coaching?

What kind of facilities is being provided to you during coaching, that is, what is the level of that coaching institute?

Presently there is IAS coaching in the country, in which Drishti IAS, apart from online, names like Unacademy, Byju’s, etc.

Top coaching institutes charge a handsome amount as IAS coaching fees. The fees for their entire course can go up to lakhs of rupees.

On the other hand, if you prepare for IAS from any such coaching institute near you, then your fees will be less as compared to these big coaching institutes there.

A good coaching institute plays an important role in the preparation for Indian administrative service, but the real hard work has to be done on your own level.

How much do books cost?

By the way, during the preparation for IAS, whatever books you read, those books do not cost a lot of money.

Any person can easily buy books related to it and continue his studies.

If we talk about the average cost, then you will get all your books between 10,000 to ₹ 20000, but there are some books that you have to buy every month, or there are some things that you have to buy every day. Such as newspapers etc.

One of the very important needs of children preparing for Indian administrative service is the newspaper. If you are preparing for IAS or going to take the UPSC exam, then you should get into the habit of reading newspapers. Must, so that your current affairs etc. become strong.

Along with this, you have to take a book of current affairs almost every month, which is not very expensive, but here we are talking about the expenses incurred during the preparation for IAS, then it is also important to tell them.

How to prepare for IAS for free?

One of the best things about online IAS coaching is that if you want, you can prepare for your IAS online without even paying ₹ 1 and for this, you can take the help of YouTube, in today’s time YouTube is such a medium. Where all your questions will be answered. Here you are prepared for Indian administrative service or UPSC by different and good teachers. Here you can study by watching videos for free.

Best Coaching for IAS Preparation:

If we talk about some good online applications in India from where you can prepare for IAS, then their names are as follows.

Best Coaching for IAS Preparation:

  • Drishti IAS
  • DoonIAs Academy
  • Unacademy Learning App
  • Onlinetyari
  • Clear IAS

You can prepare for Indian administrative service very easily from here and here you will get a chance to attend live classes.

This means that if there is any problem or confusion, you can also ask questions to the teacher.

How much does IAS Offline Coaching cost?

If we talk about the cost of offline coaching, then there are two types of expenses, first coaching fees, and second, if the coaching is away from your home, then in this situation you also have to include the cost of living and food. , as well as transportation and personal expenses, etc.

Cost of coaching

Just as I told you that in Online Coaching you can join coaching according to your budget for more or less money, similarly in Offline Coaching also you can join coaching according to your budget, if there is an average expenditure. Talking about the cost of coaching can range from ₹ 20000 to lakhs of rupees. Now it is obvious that the fees of big coaching institutes in big cities are high, and fees of small IAS coachings are less, and the cost of living and food depends on where you are coaching. In some places, the cost of living is charged more, while in some places you get a room cheaply.

Cost per convenience

There are many such online or offline coaching which along with coaching fees give you all kinds of notes, sample papers, mock tests, etc. for free, but there are some coachings where you have to pay for all these things. fall. In such a situation, before joining any coaching, make sure that during the preparation of that coaching, the money for notes, sample paper, mock test, etc. are going to be charged separately or is included in the coaching fee itself.

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