Indoor Playground Equipment Development and Construction

You ask questions, we answer! We have compiled the necessary steps to complete your underground pool in 10 steps! This is an advanced topic designed to demonstrate the basic concepts needed to build your own pool.

You can find a more detailed guide (including a list of required tools) in our underground installation guide here!

1. Pre-Construction Considerations

Check local fencing, power lines, plumbing, drainage, and electrical codes in your area. Obstacles should be taken into consideration before choosing your final destination. These include underground power lines, power lines, septic pipes, dry sewers, water pipes, trees and overhead power lines. Most utility companies will locate your home’s underground pipes and electrical lines for free. Use spray, scratch flags or flour to draw a pond in your garden.

Also consider the following:

  • The best type of pool for your garden
  • What best suits the features of the existing home
  • How to choose a liner
  • What equipment suits your family’s purpose

2. Get Your Pool Equipment

Inground pool equipment and other large items are delivered by truck. It is your responsibility to check and remove your belongings from the truck/car, so make sure some friends or family are there during delivery to ensure the process is efficient and fast.

3. Dig

This is where you will start to see your vision! One of the most important steps to competitive swimming in the pool is digging. Remember, machines can do in minutes what manual labor might take hours or days. Particularly for submersible swimming pools, an excavation contractor should be appointed to complete this part of the installation process. Swimming pools maintenance and recreational pools can be excavated using a motor vehicle. If you don’t want to tackle this construction yourself, you can search “excavator” or “swimming pool contractor” on Google to help you find a suitable excavator

4. Assemble the pool wall

Now everything comes together! Most homeowners complete steps 4 through 8 themselves, but each step can be delegated to a customer or service provider if preferred. An experienced pool installer is not required but always welcome.

Regardless of who is installing the wall, the procedure is as follows: Assemble the panels using the 5/8″ nuts and bolts included with the equipment. Mount the pool to the wall where the two wall panels meet. The pool is level and in good condition.

5. Pool and PVC pipe

It’s time to make a deal! Set the pool in 6 inches of concrete. Depending on the size of the pool, 3 to 7 sizes are needed; a larger pool means smaller pools are needed to provide additional support.

There is usually no need for a plumber to complete this step, but some local regulations may require it if pool equipment is to be installed. Having a deep water pump from a licensed water user connected to the city’s water supply.

Schedule 40 PVC pipe is used to connect the pool to the vision system. The cost of the pipes should vary depending on the number of returners, skimmers, automatic cleaners and the distance from the pool to the pump. They all add up.

6. Pool base information

Everything about the base! You have four options when choosing base materials:

  • Sand
  • Sand and Portland Cement
  • Vermiculite and Portland Cement
  • Premixed; Also known as Pool Krete® or Pool Crete

Learn about the four options and the benefits of each here!

However, please note that if you live in an area with high water tables, runoff or other soil problems, you will need to use vermiculite and Portland cement or pre-mixed cement. The same is true if you live in an area with a high freezing rate.

7. Swimming pool installation Dubai

Your liner will be the add-on that transforms your installation from a construction site to a new swimming pool under construction.

8. Filling Your Pool

Some people choose to refill their pool before installing the liner, and this is completely fine. Padding provides the support your pool and deck need.

Tips: A mini loader rental will make backfilling and landscaping easier.

Soil excavated from the site can be reused in many places, but if there are expanded elements in the clay or the water table is high, stone should be used for recycling.

9. Electrical and concrete flooring

Depending on your area code, the connection between the pool and the GFCI circuit should be made by a licensed electrician. (If you’re going for a DIY installation, you’re missing a step!)

The platform will be one of the last things you complete, although you can customize just about any idea you have, but the cornerstone is falling apart. You can use wood to create a concrete area around your deck.

10. Enjoy your new pool

Come on, get off the giant houseboat and relax in your new favorite spot. This is what you deserve! You also need to relax and send out pool invitations.

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