Plan A Trip To Lima And Have A Worthwhile Trip

Lima, a destination with amazing culture and history, is one of the must-visit destinations on Earth. Furthermore, the best thing is that no matter what your age is, you will enjoy the best here. Whether you are a history buff or a foodie who wants to try delicious food items, you can do it all at Lima. 

Moreover, this is a destination that offers unforgettable experiences to all travelers. 

So, if you are planning a trip to Lima and want to know which places to explore here, then use the guide here. 

Which places to explore in Lima? 

Do you simply want to lie down and relax? Or do you want to explore the historical sites? Lima will let you know all of it. 

Use the information below and find out about these places in detail and add these to your itinerary to make your trip amazing. You can make your trip even more fun and cost-effective by using Delta vacations phone number and ask travel experts for detailed information on it. 

Plaza de Armas 

Plaza de Armas is the heart of the Spanish colony and is a must-visit to explore when in Lima. Especially those who are here for the first time should not miss this place. 

Furthermore, get ready to click endless pictures here, as Plaza de Armas is a photogenic spot. 

Witness the most unique and amazing work of architecture here. Moreover, the bronze fountain here is very famous and was made in the 1650s. So, don’t miss it. 

Museo Larco

Are you an art lover? If yes, then head to this museum and witness the best work of Pre Columbian art. This is an 18th-century mansion, and a huge number of people visit this every day to see the artwork. 

The collection has more than 50,000 pieces. Also, this includes both gold jewelry collections too. Once you roam around the museum, see the collection, and get tired, you can even eat delicious food at the cafe here. 

Try different cuisines

For all food lovers, Lima is a perfect destination. There cannot be a better place to enjoy various cuisines of food. In Lima, the dining scene is amazing. Food makes the trip so much better. Some of the must try dishes of this place are ceviche, causa a la limeña and Lomo saltado. In addition to this, one must not forget to try the national drink of Lima, the pisco sour. 


The most lively and vibrant place of Lima is Malecón. How about taking a stroll around the place which offers stunning ocean views? If you want to witness the most breathtaking views, head to Malecón. 

Lined up with various restaurants and shops, this is a place that is perfect for all travelers. 

Furthermore, you can do it all here if you want to be involved in activities like cycling or jogging. 

Moreover, take a bike on rent and roam around the place and explore it in an even better manner. 

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Head to Lima and have the best trip of your life.

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