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Missed Southwest Flight? Find Out What To Do Next!

Having a sinking feeling when you miss your flight is very common. Did the same happen with you? The individuals who booked tickets with Southwest Airlines and missed it for any reason get worried and stressed. 

However, that’s not the solution for this. People are not able to catch their flight for various reasons. In order to make the situation easy and hassle-free, travelers must have detailed information on the Southwest Missed Flight Policy

We are here with a guide that will let you know about the missed flight policy of Southwest and what should be done if you land in this situation. 

What is Southwest Airlines Missed flight policy?

The airline has laid down a policy that works in favor of its flyers. Go through the points below and find out about the missed flight policy in detail. 

  • Firstly, those who miss their flight and do not inform the team of Southwest Airlines will consider you a no-show. In this case, the airline will cancel your reservation.
  • When the reason for missing the flight is valid, there are chances of getting a refund from the airline. Some of these reasons include illness and a flat tyre, death of individuals, etc. 
  • Furthermore, the traveler is eligible to board the next available flight for their destination in case they missed the original one because of a flat tire. 
  • People who booked the non-refundable ticket will not get any refund. Instead, the airline will provide you with another flight. 
  • On the contrary, people holding the refundable booking will get the refund amount in case they miss it. 
  • Flyers can even rebook their flight via the Southwest manage flight option. Go to the official site and complete this procedure. 

What to do when one misses their Southwest Flight?

Each individual must be aware of what needs to be done when they miss their flight. If people have information on the same, they do not have to worry about anything.

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Here are some of the things that flyers should do once they realize they will not be able to catch their flight. 

Search for a new flight

For a single destination, various flights are operated by Southwest Airlines. Thus, this gives people the freedom to choose from the other flights. Once you find the other flight option for you, book it. 

Inform the travel team

Contacting the travel representative of Southwest Airlines is a must. It is important that one get in touch with the team as soon as they know they will not be able to catch their flight.

Furthermore, you can talk to the team using the phone number mentioned on the official site. Go ahead to tell them they are likely to miss your flight, and make sure to mention the reason too. 

Be a part of the standby list

When one gets in touch with Southwest airline’s team, you can ask them to make you part of the standby list. Once you get added to that list, you will get a seat on the next flight. 

Find nearby airports

There are chances for travelers to find the nearby airports. If you find one, it is possible to find the flight to your desired destination. 

Does not need to pay a penalty for a flight miss?

Most of the travelers ask if there is a charge or fee that they need to pay in case they miss the flight. 

However, there is nothing to worry about because Southwest Airlines does not ask for any charges. The airline will cancel your flight when it’s a no-show situation. 

Thus, to avoid any fees, make sure to inform the team of Southwest about missing your flight. 

How to rebook your Southwest flight?

Rebooking the flight at Southwest Airlines is easy and can be done in no time. There are online and offline ways through which one can do so. 

Let’s find out about these from the information below-

Online method

Head to the official site and use the manage booking tab to rebook the flight. Follow the steps mentioned there, and complete the rebooking procedure. Those who are looking for Southwest Vacation Packages will find it on the official site. 

Offline method

Talk to the travel representatives of Southwest and ask them to rebook your flight. 

The team of AA has laid down the American Airlines Missed Flight policy. In case, people miss their flight; they should head to the official site to learn about it or contact the travel representatives via phone call. Read more related blogs: How Do I Save Big on American Airlines Flight Tickets How Do I get Cheap American Airlines 49$ Flights Places to visit in Florida

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