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Island Paradise: Top Things to Do at Phi Phi Island Phuket

Phuket is the best place to make priceless memories. This is an iconic destination in thailand. Many islands in phuket offer you loads of entertainment options to enjoy. Its natural scenery and breathtaking views are nothing short of jaw-dropping. Do you want to spend Holidays to Phuket and looking for an amazing place to enjoy? Phi Phi island is the best choice to enjoy plenty of activities. In this blog, I will write about places and activities at Phi Phi Island.

Stunning Beaches

Phi Phi island has stunning beaches where you cannot get bored. These beaches are famous because of soft white sand and clear waters. You can also enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving over there. These are the best activities to make priceless memories in phuket. These are thrilling activities; you can skip them if you are a fainthearted person. There are also many other things to do in phuket that you can prefer to amuse yourself. It’s a good opportunity to enjoy your holidays to phuket perfectly.

Bamboo Island

This is a must-see attraction on Phi Phi Island.  This island is covered by bamboo and Thai spruces. This island has an amazing green appearance because of these bamboo and Thai spruces. This soothing effect makes you feel relaxed over there. You can have an opportunity to snorkel there with your friends or partner. You can go to this island by boat and there is also a national park where you can pay an entrance fee. Indeed, this is a fascinating option for tourists to enjoy holidays to phuket.

Scuba Diving

This is the most amazing activity on Phi Phi island. This island  is well known for its marine life and snorkeling allows you to explore this underwater world. These Thrilling activities make you feel excited and there are many coral reefs on the island as well. They train you well and give instructions before you experience scuba diving. So, are you ready to experience this outstanding act in Phi Phi Island?

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is another thrilling activity to do at Phi Phi Island. Activities at Phi Phi island are not limited to water only it also offers other activities to entertain its tourists. Both beginners and experienced climbers can perform climbing. There are different tracks for both experts and beginners. The best way to perform climbing is to do it under the supervision of experts. They provide you with the proper types of equipment to perform climbing safely. Keep in mind that some climbing spots are accessible only through boats.


This is the favorite activity of many people in the world. Do you want to enjoy breathtaking views by climbing the Koh Phi Phi hill?  Hiking is not so time-consuming as you can hike from 20-40 minutes to the hill.  It depends on your capacity of performance. Doesn’t it sound so cool that you enjoy panoramic views of the island from height? Do not miss this amazing hiking opportunity when you come on holidays to phuket.

Lodging Options in Phuket

Arranging accommodations for your vacations is the most significant part of your trip. Phuket is home to many resorts, hotels, and guesthouses. Tourists can choose from them according to their tastes and budget. Orchidacea Resort – SHA Plus, and  Phuket Sea Resort have gained popularity in phuket. If you want to stay there you can book for yourself. You can also opt for other options such as guesthouses or youth hostels if you want to stay at an affordable cost.

Speedboat Tour

Many tourists like to do speedboat tours of Phi Phi Island. It provides you with a chance to enjoy panoramic views, snorkeling, and swimming. You can also go to Monkey Beach, and Viking Cave and can watch Maya Bay from a distance. It provides you with an amazing experience that words can’t explain.

Summing It Up!

In a nutshell, holidays to phuket offer you loads of entertainment options to enjoy at Phi Phi Island. This island is famous in the world for its mesmerizing beauty and amazing activities. Buckle up and leave for an amazing escape to phuket to make memories that last forever.

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