How to plan a Low-cost London trip

How to plan a Low-cost London trip?

Having a soulful London trip on a budget is a dream of many. If you are also a part of it, do not worry. Planning a London trip does not have to be expensive.

Many households are cutting costs due to severe hikes in the cost of living. Brits are switching from casual holidays to only the defined ones to save some bucks. Around 56% of citizens plan to take fewer holidays this year.

However, if you have been anticipating THAMES river walks for good times until now, there are ways you can make your holiday trip super exciting within budget.

The blog lists some ways to plan a cheap trip to London. There are ample ways apart from visiting London in off seasons and booking hostels as a cheap accommodation option.

5 Strategies to Roam About London Within Budget

If you want to wait until summer, you can save well on travel. Individuals often spend extra because they skip the very important part- RESEARCH. 

If you know the place better, the places to save costs, you can plan a budget-friendly trip. Here, the blog eases up the deal for you. Yes, you can skip the research work and read the blog ahead to find ways to plan a cheap trip to London.

1)      Identify the airports and the flight costs variation

Main airports in London to check in:

  • Heathrow and Gatwick
  • London city, city-centric airport catering to business travellers
  • Stansted and Luton it is ideal for budget flight
  • London Southend Airport

Search for the cheapest flights in these airports. Note down the costs of each or screenshot the timing so you can fetch the lowest possible flight tickets. You can check Luton and Gatwick for the cheapest flight as these airports host multiple flights to London.

Before booking tickets, factor-in costs like no-frills airlines, luggage, and other extras. Compare these as well before confirming the airport flight.

2)      Get an Oyster card instead of relying on cash

Fare of the stations a rider visits and then tells the exact amount.

Getting an Oyster Card implies that you can skip the huge queue to get a ticket, plus your overall expense is much less compared to other ways of traveling in a metro. For example, the fare could be £4.07 when travelling normally, but with an Oyster card, it would be £2.40 for the same destination.

You can get Oyster Card at any underground station in London. You can use the Oyster card for nearly any vehicle mode to commute. You can use it even to commute from one place to another like- trams or buses. You must tap the card at the counter at the beginning and end of the journey. In case you forget to do so, you may claim a refund.

3)      Explore and fetch cheap Movie tickets

You may not be familiar with the fact, but sometimes buying tickets from the movie theatre is more economical than booking them online. If your accommodation is near the western part of London, you can easily spot theatres selling cheap tickets. 

If not theatres, you can head to booths to find budget-friendly tickets. For some popular shows like Lion King, tickets sell out quickly. So, it would help if you ran to be an early bird to relish the best theatrical experience. It is a great way to bargain and fetch tickets to the best shows. It is especially ideal for solo travellers who do not mind accompanying others there.

4)      Free museum visits

London has some of the best museums and is ranked among the best museums in the world. The British Museum hosts some of the rarest, with 8 million art pieces and artefacts. Exhibitions at Tate Modern are free to visit. It is an iconic museum in Southampton.

You can also visit the National Gallery, housing nearly 2000 paintings dating from the 13th-20th centuries. The adjoining centre is – National Portrait Gallery. It is the rarest wonder to be a witness to. Do not skip it if you are in London. And it is one of the cheapest galleries to visit.

5)      Book a car with free cancellation

Like flight tickets, booking the car early can save you good. There are several cheapest car hire options to choose from. Moreover, car booking is cheaper on some days. Be on to

p of your research to find the days.

Check the fare and car you need to book alongside booking your flight tickets months before. Never book on the same day. You need to ride one to explore London.

If you are a little low on budget, the cancellation fee could prove a hefty expense. Thus, a car booking with free cancellation could be a great sign of relief for you.

But what if the price of the car hire increases in time?

Thus, always be financially flexible while booking tickets and car rides for London trips.

Many firms offer free cancellation if you book within a certain time limit. If you want the cheapest option along with free cancellation, you may not find it. Thus, it is better to relish fun than fret over shelling out those extra bucks. On holidays, peace of mind is all you need.

So now you know how to travel cheaply to London. With all the insider secrets open, you must pack your bags and grab your flight. Travelling does need a little bit of financial preparation. If you are undergoing the worst phase like unemployment but wish to roam about the best of London cheap, you can check out low-interest personal loans for unemployed individuals in the country. Postponing something that you are anticipating for a long kills the fun. With cheap interest rates and easy instalments, you do not need to worry about anything. Make a to-do list of the spots to visit and make a fulfilling holiday.

Bottom line

These are some ways to plan a cheap trip to London within your budget. Being an early bird in most cases, like flight booking and car ride booking, may save you money. Identify the places you can travel without shelling extra. And these tips will surely help you ensure a memorable London trip.

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