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Can People Reserve Seats On Southwest Flights?

Choose your seats with Southwest and enjoy enhanced comfort during your airtrip. Choose from different seat types, pick during or after booking, or grab tips to select seats. Southwest makes it easy for you at every step.

Now, explore the account below and learn more about it.

Does Southwest Allow You to Select Seats?

Yes, you can go ahead with Southwest Airlines seat selection easily. However, the airline follows an open seating policy. You can still pick yours but only once you board the flight, not before that.

At the same time, remember to follow its first-come, first-serve approach. This keeps things streamlined for you.

What is the Southwest Airlines Seat Selection Approach?

Get to know about the guidelines that Southwest has devised for choosing seats. Here are the major points of seat selection policy of the airline –

Boarding Groups

Southwest Airlines allows you to pick your seats according to its boarding process. Passengers are categorized into three boarding groups: A, B, and C. Further, each group is divided into numbers for specific positions.

EarlyBird Check-In

Go for an EarlyBird Check-in so that you can check in automatically prior to the regular check-in starts. The sooner you check-in, the more options you have to grab your seat.

How Can I Make a Southwest Seat Selection?

To select seats on The flight, follow the tips mentioned below –

Family Boarding

Go with the family boarding approach when you are traveling with kids. You can get better seats if you board between the A and B groups.

Check-in Early

Southwest Airlines opens its check-in 24 hours before the scheduled departure time of your flight. So, check-in at the earliest possible for the best boarding position.

Business Select

With priority boarding (Group A), you are at the benefit of choosing the seats you want when you fly with Business Select fares.

What are the Seat Types of Southwest Airlines?

It becomes a lot easier to pick seats if you know their types on flights. So for your reference, Southwest Airlines seat types are outlined below

Premium Seats

Pay an additional fee to pick premium seats. However, only select flights make such seats available. Enjoy extra legroom and elite features with these seats.

Standard Seats

Basic seat types, these provide you with standard features of seating. To grab the best of these seats, check-in early.

Exit Row Seats

If you get seats in the exit row, enjoy enhanced comfort with extra legroom. At the same time, since you are seated on exit row seats, you must be on your toes to help if an emergency situation comes up.

Call Southwest Airlines en Español teléfono – 1-800-435-9792 to get more information about Southwest seat selection.

Wrapping Up

In a nutshell, you can choose seats as per your comfort and convenience on Southwest flights. The airline follows an open seating approach, you have the flexibility to upgrade your boarding group and grab your favorite spot onboard. So, know the approach that the airline has for its seat selection and fly on your most preferred seats. If you need any assistance, the customer service team of Southwest is just a call away.

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