Head To The Beaches Near New York And Enjoy Endlessly

Summer is here, and we can do our favorite thing: spend time at the beach. We are all ready to have fun at the lively beaches. There are so many beaches in New York and near this place. Whether you want to swim or enjoy various activities at the beach, you can do all of it here.

Let’s get to know about the beaches near New York and plan for a trip with our loved ones soon.

Beaches Near New York City for Upcoming Weekend Trip

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Furthermore, there are so many beach options in New York and around it. So, one can head to their favorite beach and feel relaxed.

So, what are you waiting for? Plan your day by the beaches mentioned below and have a time worth remembering.

Coney Island Beach

coney island-beaches-in-nyc-jetblue
Coney Island Beach Near New York City

Coney island beach is one of the most renowned beaches and offers everything to its visitors.

Furthermore, it even has two amusement parks which make the trip of the people even more fun. Those who are with their families can enjoy it even more. Kids love to spend time at the parks. So, don’t forget to visit Deno’s Wonder Wheel and Luna Park.

Brighton Beach

Brighton Beach-beaches-in-nyc-jetblue
Brighton Beach Near New York City

On the east of coney island is Brighton beach. For people who do not want to go to crowded beaches, then this is a good option. One can visit this one and enjoy playing volleyball with the locals. This is also a picnic spot. So, why miss the opportunity to relive the old days and have a fun picnic with your loved ones?

Jones Beach State Park

Jones Beach State Park-beaches-in-nyc-jetblue
Jones Beach State Park Near NYC

With enough space for parking and availability of enough activities makes this beach a must-visit. Furthermore, get ready to take part in various fun activities like shuffleboard and mini-golf, etc. And guess what? You can even watch concerts too. Just near this beach, there are halls where summer concerts take place. Head to the Northwell Health outdoor arena and see renowned personalities like Jimmy Buffett and Dave Matthews. Doesn’t it sound so exciting?

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Rockaway Beach

Rockaway Beach Near NYC

Do you wish to try surfing? If yes, then make plans for Rockaway beach without thinking twice. Moreover, this is the only beach in America where one can try surfing. So, how can you miss the opportunity to do this fun and exciting activity? Especially during the summer, your surfing experience will be the best. For all beginners, this is the perfect chance to take part in surfing. Because in autumn only the experienced ones can enjoy this activity.

Long Beach

Long Beach-beaches-in-nyc-jetblue
Long Beach Near NYC

Just an hour’s ride from New York is a long beach. Located in a small city, this beach is best for people who want to spend time away from chaos and the hustle and bustle. Lie down on the beach, feel the soft sand touching your feet, and get rid of all your worries and stress.

In addition, this beach is a good option for the ones who want to surf, enjoy boating, swim, and even sunbathe.

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Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach Near NYC

Manhattan beach is one beach that allows people to relax and spend time in quiet surroundings. Furthermore, take a stroll around the sandy coastline and witness the most surreal views of nature. The water is also calm, which allows people to try paddling. Also, wait till the evening and see the sunset in front of you. The cherry on the top are the shops and other additional amenities that are here for the visitors.

Add it to your itinerary, spend the best time at the beaches, and make your trip even more fun.

Asbury Park, Jersey Shore

Asbury Park, Jersey Shore-beaches-in-nyc-jetblue
Asbury Park, Jersey Shore Near NYC

In addition to the other Beautiful Beaches Near New York City, Asbury park is a splendid beach that allows people to feel rejuvenated.

Located in the Jersey shore, this town is best for people who want to enjoy the nightlife. The vibrant nightlife is perfect for youngsters. Being a family-friendly beach, this one is equipped with various restaurants, shops, etc.

All these remain open even at night, which makes it perfect for enjoying dinner too.

Plan a trip to these wonderful beaches and have fun with your near and dear ones.
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