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What is A Custom Order Management Solution?

A custom order management system (OMS) works as a central platform to streamline a business’s order management process and handle higher volumes of orders. Moreover, it eliminates the requirement for manual entry of orders with digital solutions. Thus, it improves order accuracy and reduces errors.

As companies in the eCommerce, logistics, and retail sectors experience development, the complexity and volume of orders generally increase consequently. This is where the advantages of an order management software solution come into role. An OMS is a complete software that retail enterprises leverage to automate and optimize different order-managing processes of clients. It serves as a centralized hub for order processing, fulfilment, and tracking.

Why Choose a Customized Order Management Software for Your Business?

A custom OMS is intended to fit a logistics, eCommerce, or retail company’s particular business requirements and processes. When creating such software, software developers Dubai consider the industry, required functionality, company size, and more. Below are the main reasons why selecting a custom Order Management Software is beneficial:

Maximum Scalability and Flexibility: Custom OMSs offer flexible functionalities and can scale as your business grows. You’ll not be limited to standardized features only like with any off-the-shelf solution.

Accurate Alignment with Different Business Processes: Custom OMSs are designed to meet and fulfill the exclusive requirements of logistics, eCommerce, or retail companies.

Higher Reliability and Control: You get complete control over the custom software’s architecture, updates, and security. Higher control decreases data security risk and guarantees dependable system performance.

Enhanced Customer Experience: An OMS lets you implement improved customer experience, including a user-friendly ordering interface and real-time order tracking.

Long-Term Costs Reduction: Creating a custom OMS may need a major initial investment. It can significantly decrease operational costs and enhance the order management processes efficiency in the long term.

Standard and Regulatory Compliance: You can customize an OMS to meet the specific regulatory standards and needs of your industry.

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What Essential Features Should You Include in Your Order Management Software?

Custom OMS can differ in functionalities based on the needs and industry of every business. But there are many basic features that every solution should have. Let’s look at them:

Sales Orders Creation and Processing

One of the main features of a custom order management system is order creation and its processing. It involves automatic multichannel order capturing. It can also support manual order creation. This model involves entering the mandatory information about an order, like selected products, terms, price, and quantity. An OMS checks stock availability automatically and handles order status from order creation to completion.

Order Fulfilment

A custom OMS lets you configure rules for order fulfilment, like approving an order automatically for shipment when the products are in stock as well as are paid for fully. It also routes the orders to the optimum warehouse for fulfilment, lets clients cancel or modify orders on demand via different communication channels, and optimizes inventory booking.

Shipping Management

The shipping management feature offers control and optimization of the entire order shipping process. The system supports different shipping types and methods, including drop shipping, BOPIS, shipping from and to the store, and more. A custom OMS also facilitates combining different orders in a single shipment whenever multiple orders come from the same addresses over several days and splitting orders into various packages if their size or weight exceeds a single package’s capacity.

Returns Management

The returns management feature of an OMS. Ensures that the returns are accounted for and processed. It involves configuring return policies, and letting you authorize returns, warranty cases, and exchanges. This system retries related orders and their details automatically to make a return request. It also calculates the amount of refund as per the return policy. This software should determine where to send the item and also support automated BORIS transactions.

Analytics and Reporting

The analytics and reporting component of an order management system offers business analytical data and reports to make well-informed decisions. The software should offer customizable infographic dashboards to display pending and current orders, client inquiries, and related KPIs. It should also generate a sales report, including any sales data by sales channel, customer, and product. This data helps businesses evaluate performance, identify potential improvements in the entire order management process, and recognize successful sales strategies. These were the vital features you should ensure to include in your custom order management software solutions. If you think that your business can benefit from a custom order management solution, you should hire app developers NYC from Rushkar Technology. They can help businesses and startups of different shapes and sizes solve automation issues and create various opportunities to get competitive benefits by creating custom order management software. Their team has experience and expertise in different industries like Retail, Logistics, FinTech, Education, Healthcare, and more.

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