Modernise Your Home With Smart Plugs: A Detailed Guide

Today the world has shifted from smartphones to smart homes. So, if you have a modern smart home setup and are looking forward to enhancing the experience, smart plugs should be your choice. Smart plugs are devices designed to improve the experience of living in a smart home setup and offer convenience with automation. These devices usually work on your voice commands and help you control the ambience of your home. 

Whether turning on the coffee maker, controlling the thermostats, or switching the television on, smart plugs can do wonders and transform your entire smart home experience. 

Smart plugs need to be compatible with your virtual assistants. Hence, ensure you get a smart plug that easily connects and is compatible with the voice assistant installed in your smart home setup.

Pro Tips to Use Smart Plugs Efficiently

Here are a few tips that will surely enhance your overall smart home experience:

  • Customise Smart Plugs with Assigned Routines

With smart plugs, you can customise turning on and off your home appliances by assigning specific schedules. You can set easy routines for the lights, fans, ACs, or your coffee makers to be turned on and off automatically. Or you can leverage this same feature with your voice command. 

  • Group Devices Together

You can now group your devices assigned to the same smart plug device and operate them using your virtual assistants. For instance, you can create a group called ‘Living Room’ on the app to control all the devices, like fans, lights, etc., in the respective room. This way, you can easily control and automate the working of various gadgets in multiple rooms with a tap on the groups created on the app.

  • Create Voice Command Shortcuts

Having a little code language with smart plugs, how cool is that? That is now possible, as you can create custom voice commands. Hence, instead of commanding the plugs to ‘turn on the television and dim the lights,’ you can just say, ‘It’s movie time,’ and the necessary settings will get automatically done. Thus, customise your regular tasks by setting specific commands and see smart plugs do the tricks for you.

  • Name Your Devices

If your smart home setup uses multiple devices and smart plugs, it becomes tough to remember the connections. Hence, you must set distinct names for various devices when setting them up with smart plugs. For example, you can name the devices such as living room lights, bedroom fans, etc. It will help in clearly operating various gadgets and appliances in different rooms connected to different smart plugs.

  • Set Voice Profiles

Users can now add their individual voice profiles to the smart plug app and enjoy a tailor-made experience living in a smart home. The app will allow you to operate devices associated with your voice profiles. Thus, any household member can provide voice commands, and the gadgets will operate on automation.

How to Setup Smart Home Plugs?

Here’s how you can set the smart plugs using the automatic mode:

  • Step 1: Remove the smart plugs from the packaging and plug them into the wall socket. Keep the packaging handy for the bar code.
  • Step 2: Open your virtual assistant’s app, and ensure it is connected to the same WiFi your smart plugs are connected to. Just give the app a few seconds to find the smart plugs.
  • Step 3: Tap the ‘Devices’ Option on the navigation bar and click ‘Plug.’ Your new smart plugs are now connected and ready to use. Usually, Alexa plugs are the easiest to use and set up.

In case the automatic mode does not work, you can use the following manual process to connect your smart plugs:

  • Step 1: Open your virtual assistant app and click the ‘Devices’ option. Thereby, select the ‘+’ icon and add the device
  • Step 2: The app will ask you for the bar code of the smart plug. Use the packaging for scanning the code. The code is also engraved on the back of the plug. Scan the code.
  • Step 3: Follow the instructions on your screen. Thus, the smart plugs will be set up and ready to use.


Smart plugs are designed to enhance the beauty of living in a smart home setup. Due to their immense convenience and control, these plugs are in high demand. They operate when connected to WiFi and are also known as WiFi plugs. Smart plugs are necessary for every smart home as they allow one to control various electronic devices remotely. 

Also, they are a lifesaver for older people and the differently-abled ones. Smart home decor is believed to be incomplete without smart plugs. So get your smart home the apt smart plugs now!

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