Open OST file on Another Computer

How Do I Open OST file on Another Computer?

Are you trying to figure out how to open an OST file that belongs to someone else? Fear not—we’ll go over some of the simplest methods in this post for opening an OST file on a different machine. We will describe how to open an OST file belonging to another user if you are considering opening OST files without jeopardizing your mailbox data.

One of the most widely used email programs is Microsoft Outlook, which is growing in popularity. Due to its improved features and appealing user interface, Outlook is becoming more and more popular every day.
All of the mailbox data, including emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, journals, and other information, is stored in an offline storage table called an OST.

How Can I Manually Open an OST File Owned by Another User?

If the sharing profile belongs to you and you have an OST file that is currently active and linked to the sharing profile. Consequently, by following the guidelines we’ve covered below, you can quickly export mailbox data in PST format –

  • Open Outlook, then find the file from the menu on top.
  • Next, select “Open” and “Export,” and finally click “Import/Export.”
  • Select Export to a file, then click the following option.
  • After that, choose the Outlook data file and click the following menu item.
  • You can now open the mailbox folder in any way you choose.
  • In order to obtain the output quickly, finalize the output destination and press finish.

Why Should Users Stay Away from Manual Methods?

  • It’s going to be a laborious and intricate process.
  • Large, corrupted, and orphaned OST files cannot be converted.
  • To finish this procedure, users should be forced to pay technical professionals.
  • While attributes won’t be preserved during export, data can be exported.
  • This approach requires the installation of Outlook and the creation of shared profiles.

How to Use a Professional Method to Open OST File on Another Computer?

As you can see, the manual process has a lot of hazards and restrictions. As a result, we propose that DataVare OST To PST Converter, which was created especially to convert one or more OST files without losing any data, is among the best choices.

Steps to Move OST files Data To Another Computer

  • After downloading the software, run it from your computer.
  • Locate the file called OST and upload it to the program’s interface.
Open OST file on Another Computer
  • From the list of export formats, tap the PST option.
  • To obtain results fast, select the destination for the generated file and press export.

The Edge

We have provided the method to Open OST File on Another Computer in this article. Every day, the world undergoes significant change, and technology advances along with it. New versions of the application are released with additional features and improvements. It is required to move mailbox data from the current version of Outlook to later versions due to changes in Outlook editions. Data from the Outlook program is stored as an OST file, which is subsequently imported into updated versions.

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