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22-Point Checklist: Hire the Right WordPress Development Company

A WordPress development company that is right for you will fit perfectly into the machine. You want a company that not only knows what it is doing but also understands your business goals.

This checklist will help you choose a good WordPress development partner. This checklist starts with the initial ‘Google research’ and ends when you receive an estimate.

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Checklist for Initial Research

Google is where the majority of people begin their search. The company website can provide you with almost all of the information that you need. Here are some things you should look out for:

1. WordPress Expertise: Check out the experts

A company that is specialized in WordPress would be a good choice. If it does not, you should always check how much they use WordPress. How many projects did they work on? Are they able to offer a diverse portfolio? Are they taking on more complex, large-scale projects?

2. Make sure that the company is established

Do a quick background check on every WordPress development company, particularly those located overseas. Check when the company was founded, how long it has been using WordPress and its size.

3. Check if the person has experience and expertise in your field.

Let’s say you have an eCommerce site that is powered by WordPress. You should hire a WordPress development company that has experience in eCommerce.

4. Check their portfolio for similar projects

Look at their portfolio. Look for and read about similar projects to yours. See if the company has handled similar projects before.

Bonus: Check if the company has developed WordPress products. This shows their ability to be innovative and speaks of their expertise.

5. Check out the testimonials

The testimonials on websites are positive. Look for testimonials that can give you a sense of your work ethic. If they mention their problem-solving abilities, fast response times, and dedication to client projects.

6. You can also check if the reviews on their site are consistent

Check out reviews of the company outside its website. Do they tend to be consistent with their reviews on the website?

7. Search for contributions to WordPress Core and/or GitHub profiles

It shows they are active members of the WordPress Community. The quality of their work can be seen on their Github profile.

8. Check if the company can deliver on your expectations

Spend some time defining your desired outcome before you start shortlisting companies.

A rough list could look something like this:

  • Custom user interface
  • Payment gateways
  • Shop page design and flow improved
  • Websites that load quickly
  • Long-term partnership
  • Support after launch

The longer the list, the better. To find out if the company can meet these requirements, it’s best to contact them. You can get a sense of how a company will handle a project by looking at previous projects.

Discussion Phase Checklist

After the WordPress development company has passed the initial screening, you can reach out to the company. In those first discussions, here are some things to look for.

9. Check if the company has a fast response time

A company that responds quickly to your first query is a positive sign. It’s always a plus when a company is responsive and reachable.

10. You can ask them about their previous projects

Talk to the company regarding the projects you find interesting. What was the company’s approach to that project? Their experience? Did they do all of the work themselves or outsource it?

11. Contact them to ask for references

References are always available. It is always useful to hear about others’ experiences. This can be done independently in groups or forums.

12. Make sure the advice they give is tailored and based on your needs.

A good company will take the time to ask questions and understand your problem. Then suggest an approach that you think will work best. You must approve of the approach. They should be able to explain how to create a tailored website for your business.

13. Check if the standard development process includes all aspects.

Standard processes vary from one company to another. Try to understand it. Make sure it is up to standard.

14. Use your preferred communication method

It depends on what you need. You might want to use email or project management software for collaboration. You may like to ask your questions whenever they come up, so a chat line is important.

15. Talk about the contact person, turnaround time, and frequency.

Unresponsive companies are a nightmare. It can be helpful to have someone reachable and answerable. You can choose to only deal with developers without the need for a middleman if you want to.

Ask about the usual response time, and how often they will keep you updated. Make sure you are satisfied.

16. You can also check if the company takes any measures to ensure your security.

WordPress is a space where security is always an issue. The company must have guidelines for protecting user data, adding two-step authentication, etc.

17. WordPress code standards must be adhered to.

Discuss the quality of the code and the testing processes that follow.

18. You can also check if the company provides adequate support

After the launch, there may be questions and concerns. Most companies offer support for some time after the launch.

19. Briefing and discussion with the internal team

After launch, the internal team will need to be trained on how to manage, maintain, and add new content. Will the company provide documentation or hold a session with a member of the team?

Checklist for the Decision Phase

After the initial discussion about the requirements, the company will prepare a document that includes an estimate of the effort. You can get an idea of the work involved in the project, as well as an estimated cost. You can then decide if you want to collaborate with the company. It should be aware of a few things.

20. Check that the timeline of your project is in line with its development.

Ensure that it meets deadlines and follows the timeline you set.

21. Be sure to not go over your budget. You should always leave a little extra for unexpected costs.

The bottom line is that money matters. Make sure that the project is within budget. Always keep a buffer between the estimate and the actual cost. Ask about any extra charges.

22. Balance the cost of your work with its quality.

Cost is important to most people, but it’s not the only thing that matters. The quality of work and value you receive should be enough to justify the cost.

Signing off

Checklists are a great way to make sure you don’t miss anything. You can make the final decision and it may also depend on other factors. Choose a partner for your business, not an agency to which you simply outsource work.

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