Easy Method to Change/Migrate EML to MSG on Windows

EML Files: Individual email messages are stored in an EML file. It keeps a record of every email, including the message, attachments, date, sender, and recipient. Individual emails can be easily distributed and archived with the help of EML files. They are typically used with email clients that accept EML files, such as Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, Live Mail, Apple Mail, etc.

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MSG Files: MSG files save individual Outlook emails or other objects at a time, just like EML files do. They also include every piece of email-related data, such as the message, attachments, date, sender, and recipient. Several other email clients also support it, even though they are mostly linked to Outlook and let you examine emails in Outlook. The question that now arises is: Why must users convert EML files to MSG files? Let’s research.

Reasons: Why Users Need to Convert EML to MSG?

Below are some typical situations in which users could consider exporting EML data in MSG format:

  • EML files do not have a specific file format in Outlook by Microsoft. An MSG file requires less storage space than an EML file. As a result, MSG is a preferable option for file sharing or cloud uploading.
  • Additional Outlook fields and properties are included in MSG files and can also be accessed in the Windows Explorer column.
  • Numerous issues can occur, such as Outlook opening EML files more slowly than MSG, which is readily available and simple to use.
  • You can have a variety of problems, such as Outlook opening EML files more slowly than MSG, which is easily accessible and easy.

Manual Method to Export EML Files to MSG Format

Answering the most frequent question from users: “How can I convert EML to MSG for free?” This is the manual technique that is free:

  • Find the EML file that has to be converted first.
  • After that, drop the EML file into your Outlook profile.
  • The draft folder will now include your EML file.
  • To move the EML file to the Inbox, right-click on it, select Move, and then select Inbox.
  • After that, choose Save As from the File menu.
  • Select the location where the Outlook file should be saved.
  • Choose the.msg extension under the Save As Type option in order to save EML to MSG.
  • Check if the exported EML file has been saved.

However, using the manual technique is never advised if you need to convert EML documents in bulk. In that scenario, the procedure is rather time-consuming, and there’s a possibility you can lose your important data. Thus, go with the wisest course of action, which is to use a specialized EML to MSG Converter program.

Automated Solution to Convert EML to MSG

The greatest and most effective tool for exporting EML files to MSG format is Softaken EML to MSG Converter. Any number of EML files can be migrated without worrying about data loss. Additionally, the program has the newest capabilities available to assist users in more accurately migrating EML data. 

 Steps to Perform the Conversion Process

To use the EML to MSG Converter to convert EML files, follow these steps:

  • Click on launch the EML to MSG Converter tool.
  • Choose either Single/Multiple File or Select Folder option. Click Next.
  • Click Select File(s), add system EML files, and then select Next.
  • Choose all required elements in the preview screen, then click Next.
  • From the list, choose MSG as the destination file format.
  • Click Convert after applying any necessary migration criteria.

You are now aware of how simple it is to simultaneously convert several EML files to the MSG format.

Additional Features of the EML to MSG Converter

The following are additional capabilities of the EML to MSG Converter if you decide to use the smart method:

  • The option not to convert duplicate emails.
  • Specific data migration is started by the date range filter.
  • Emails can be moved, but attachments cannot.
  • The conversion is made simpler and easier by the user-friendly GUI.
  • It works effectively on all Windows OS versions.


Among the most common file conversion queries is “How to Convert EML to MSG?” Thus, we have made an effort to present you with the finest options to complete the task effectively. However, when transferring large amounts of data, it is usually advised to choose the expert route.

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