Perfect Handwriting

How to Get the Perfect Handwriting in Ahmedabad School

One of the issues that most parents face is the poor handwriting of their children. Sometimes, it is so bad that it affects the grades and becomes a reason for a child underperforming at school. Educators at almost every school in Ahmedabad would agree that they have to put extra effort into improving students’ handwriting. However, the truth is that, no matter how much effort teachers at the best Montessori international school put in, parents have to work equally hard to achieve expected results. 

Ways To Get Perfect Handwriting

Listed below are the tried and tested tips to improve handwriting in the early school years to make things easier for students as they grow. 

Choice of Pen

It might sound surprising, but the choice of the pen also matters a lot. The pen or pencil with which your child writes should fit perfectly in his hands. If it is too long or too short, the grip will not be firm, and the child cannot write well. Thus, the first thing you should do is choose the pen that your child can hold well and write confidently in a flow. 

Check the Light

Parents often ignore trivial things like light and blame the child for not writing neatly. Check that the study corner of your child is well-lit so that your child can read and write conveniently. If you find any flaws, fix the light and see if it makes a difference in the handwriting.

Choose the right notebook

In the beginning, children should get ruled paper with proper lines. This way, they will learn to write within boundaries, and it will be easier to perfect their handwriting. Experts say that if your child’s handwriting bothers you, get him a notebook with wider than regular columns. They will learn the word-formation better in large columns, and you can teach them to shrink them later when their handwriting has improved.

Attention to Posture

Another contributing factor is posture! How your child sits while writing affects word formation. So, you need to ensure that he sits with his back straight against a chair, feet flat on the floor, relaxing the arms and hands. Any stiffness will make it challenging to hold the paper and pen to write appropriately.

No Rush

Children are often in a hurry! They want to get things done swiftly so that they can do something else. Thus, make sure you check if their rush is the reason behind poor handwriting. Montessori international schools focus on building calmness in children and teaching them to finish one job before indulging in another. Parents can ensure that they follow the same pattern at home and make their child sit calmly to complete one thing before jumping into another.

Practice for Perfection

The idea behind the practice is simple, the more they write, the more they will learn to write neatly. Every school in Ahmedabad prefers giving practice handwriting sheets to children with poor handwriting. Parents can also do the same and keep the practice going till the child learns to write well.

Reward for achievements

Everyone likes rewards, so does your child! So, each time they write a page neatly or show some improvement, you can reward them with small things. Avoid making it sound or look like a bribe, and avoid giving materialistic things for writing one practice sheet. Instead, keep small rewards like a break of a few minutes from homework or just some words of appreciation to motivate them to write better.

These simple yet effective tips can help improve the handwriting of a child. Parents and educators should work collaboratively, making equal efforts so that the child learns correct word formation and never let handwriting be the reason behind poor grades.

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