Everything you need to know about: CERAMIC COATINGS

Ceramic coating supremacy has been quite common in the paint protection industry for the last decade. The wax and sealant era is long gone, but car owners still tend to compare ceramic coating with other alternatives. With the claims, retorts, and myths that are fired at ceramic coatings, a lot of chaos has been generated by false marketing and unrealistic gimmicks. To put this to an end let us shed some light on ceramic coatings and the advantages they offer in long run.  

What is a ceramic coating? 

A ceramic coating is a sacrificial layer that works at a molecular level to protect the exterior and interior of the vehicle surface. Ceramic coating composes of Silicon Dioxide and application solvents infused together to form a hard crystal layer that bonds with the microscopic imperfections of the paint, leaving behind a slick and glossy surface. This layer of protection is hydrophobic and UV resistant in nature. Only a professional detailer is skilled enough to install a professional ceramic coating on a vehicle. Professional ceramic coatings like Kovalent Coatings qualify professional detailers based on their detailing skills and certify them as Kovalent Coatings Approved Applicators for car owners to get the best of both worlds. 

How does ceramic coating work? 

Well, ceramic coatings utilize advanced nanotechnology to form a nano-ceramic layer on the vehicle surface. This layer is invisible to the naked eye and fits perfectly on the minor cracks or imperfections of the porous painted surface. The ceramic coating locks in the paint by filling those imperfections and then provides an exceptionally hard layer of protection. Professional grade ceramic coatings like Kovalent Coatings stay ahead of the curve by using size-specific Silica nanoparticles that allow them to customize a coating as per the surface. They use 5-20 nm particles for automotive vehicles and 20-50 nm particles for marine vessels. With Over a decade worth of research and testing Kovalent Coatings are a global leader in manufacturing ceramic coatings.  

What are the unique attributes of ceramic coatings? 

Superior Hydrophobic Effect: 

The unique ability of the paint to repel water after the application of a ceramic coating is nothing less than magic. It also facilitates cleaning water-based mud, dirt, grime, and other environmental contaminants. The hydrophobic effect induces the renowned ‘self-cleaning’ effect which is insanely popular among car enthusiasts. The water simply beads and quickly slides off the hydrophobic surface which eases the hassle of car maintenance. 

Protection from UV rays and oxidation: 

The constant exposure to UV radiation from the sun can oxidize the painted surface of the vehicle giving it a chalky look. Additionally, the chances of the paint fading out or turning dull are quite high. Only a true 9H ceramic coating like Kovalent Coatings Prolong is equipped with powerful UV blockers that create a barrier against harmful UV rays and does not allow them to penetrate the coated surface. 

Improved gloss and lustre: 

After the application of the ceramic coating, a vehicle reclaims its original showroom look and for a brand-new car, the gloss is magnified to a whole new level. During the curing process, a ceramic coating magnifies the surface underneath it which gives a glossy finish after application. Therefore, comprehensive detailing including polishing/buffing takes place before the application to avoid the highlighting of any swirls or scratches.  

Protection Against Environmental Contaminants: 

Sticky debris like bird droppings, tree sap, acidic rain, and bud splatter does not stand a chance to etch a vehicle’s surface all thanks to the ultra-slick properties of a ceramic coating. Therefore, maintenance becomes a breeze after the application. Although a regular wash becomes necessary because sometimes some of the residual matter still ends up forming a thin layer on the surface that requires a quick wipe down with a clean microfiber cloth. 

Protection for Vehicle Interiors: 

Ceramic coatings for vehicle interiors are intricately formulated with anti-stain and anti-bacterial properties. Additionally, they are hydrophobic in nature to resist spills and stains. Professional ceramic coatings like Kovalent Coatings Restore are formulated for leather, vinyl, and plastic (external trims) of the vehicle and inhibit any spills or stains with their hydrophobic effect. Restore also provides UV protection and helps to reduce the aging or fading of materials like dashboards, seats, and interior door appointments.  

Easy Maintenance  

The water-repellent properties and the ultra-slickness of ceramic coatings make them an absolute favorite of car owners. The ceramic coatings not only save time but make the washing process a whole lot easy and enjoyable. Additionally, the long-life of ceramic coatings eradicate any investment on monthly rounds of wax, aggressive cleaners, or paint sealants. 

Ceramic Coatings are a real deal if you are willing to protect your investment in the long run. Taking an informed decision is necessary to not fall for gimmicks or marketing stunts. It is always advisable to choose a professional ceramic coating and get it installed by a professional detailer. Professional detailers can guide you to find the right product for your vehicle. Kovalent Coatings is a one-stop shop for all your ceramic needs. Their ceramic coating products are customized based on the required surface and ensure comprehensive protection of vehicles inside and out.

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