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Which is the best block of top city Islamabad?

Welcome to the beautiful city of Islamabad, where every block has its own unique charm and appeal. Whether you’re a family looking for a peaceful neighborhood or a young professional seeking an exciting urban lifestyle, there’s a block in Islamabad that caters to your needs. But with so many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the best one. That’s why we’ve created this guide to help you find out which is the best block of Top City Islamabad for you! So let’s dive right in and explore all the different types of blocks and their specialties.

Which is the best block of top city Islamabad for you?

Top City Islamabad is an exceptional housing society that offers different blocks catering to various lifestyles. When it comes to selecting the best block of Top City Islamabad for you, there are a few factors that you need to consider before making a decision.

Firstly, if you’re someone who loves living in a peaceful and serene environment, then Block C might be the perfect choice for you. It’s situated away from the hustle and bustle of the city, providing residents with a tranquil oasis where they can unwind and relax.

On the other hand, if you’re someone who enjoys being at the center of all action and excitement, then Block A might be your ideal option. It features several commercial areas with shops, restaurants and cafes where young professionals can enjoy their leisure time after work.

Moreover, if safety is your top priority as well as having access to modern facilities such as gyms or sports complexes within walking distance from home; Block B has been designed keeping families in mind while also offering these amenities.

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Block D offers affordable plots without compromising on quality infrastructure which makes it suitable for students looking for budget-friendly options while studying in nearby universities such as NUST or Air University.

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Selecting the best block of Top City Islamabad depends entirely on individual preferences. So whether you’re seeking peace or adventure or affordability – make sure to weigh up each neighborhood’s specialties before deciding which one suits your needs best!

The Different Types of Blocks in Islamabad

Islamabad is known for its planned layout and well-organized blocks. Each block in Islamabad has its unique characteristics that cater to different lifestyles and preferences. There are primarily three types of blocks, including residential, commercial, and mixed-use.

Residential blocks include sectors such as F-6, F-7, F-8 and E-11. These areas are mostly occupied by families who prefer a serene environment with easy access to essential amenities like schools, hospitals and parks.

Commercial blocks such as Blue Area or Jinnah Super Market have high-rise buildings packed with offices of multinational companies, retail shops and restaurants. These areas remain crowded during the day but become relatively less busy at night.

Mixed-use areas like Giga Mall in DHA Phase 2 offer a blend of both residential and commercial activities within the same vicinity. Here you can find everything from luxury apartments to shopping centres all within one area.

Having an understanding of the different types of blocks available in Islamabad allows people to choose their ideal location based on their lifestyle preferences while ensuring they get adequate facilities around them at all times.

Which is the best block for families?

When it comes to finding the perfect block for families in Top City Islamabad, there are a few factors that need to be considered. Firstly, safety and security should be of utmost importance. Secondly, access to amenities such as schools, parks and recreational areas is essential.

One of the best blocks for families in Top City Islamabad is Block C. It offers a secure environment with 24/7 surveillance cameras and gated entry points. The block also has easy access to schools like Roots Millennium School and Al-Huda International School.

Additionally, Block C has several parks within walking distance where children can play safely while parents can watch them from a distance. The availability of mosques nearby ensures spiritual harmony for Muslim families.

Moreover, this block provides quick access to main roads leading towards important commercial areas like Peshawar Road and Motorway M-1 interchange making grocery shopping easier than ever before.

All in all, if you’re looking for a family-friendly atmosphere with excellent amenities right at your doorstep then Block C should definitely be on top of your list!

Which is the best block for students?

When it comes to choosing the best block of Top City Islamabad for students, there are a few things to consider. First and foremost, proximity to educational institutions is key. Luckily, Top City Islamabad boasts some of the top universities and colleges in the city.

For those pursuing higher education, Block E is a great option as it is situated right next to Capital University of Science & Technology (CUST). Students can easily walk or take a short drive to their classes without having to worry about long commutes.

Block B is another excellent choice for students as it’s located near National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (NUCES) which offers programs in computer science, engineering, business administration and more. This block also has easy access to public transportation making commuting even easier.

Moreover, Block A hosts various educational institutions including Army Public School. It’s a safe place with good security measures installed that will give parents peace of mind knowing their children are secure while they study.

All in all, Top City Islamabad has several blocks that cater specifically towards students’ needs by providing an environment conducive for studying while still being close enough to essential amenities like markets and restaurants.

Which is the best block for young professionals?

Young professionals are constantly on the lookout for a block that caters to their needs. Top City Islamabad’s Sector F is an ideal location that has everything a young professional could want. The sector boasts of being in close proximity to the airport, which is very convenient for individuals who travel frequently.

The area also offers plenty of recreational activities such as parks and shopping malls. Sector F houses various residential options including apartments and single-family homes located near commercial areas, offering easy access to nearby cafes and restaurants.

Furthermore, the sector provides excellent transportation links within and outside of Islamabad, making it easier for young professionals to commute on a daily basis. With all these amenities in one place, it’s no surprise that many young professionals choose this block as their preferred residence.

Top City Islamabad’s Sector F is an ideal block for young professionals because it offers exceptional connectivity along with top-notch amenities such as recreational facilities and modern living spaces suitable for working individuals seeking comfort after long work hours.

Which is the best block of top city Islamabad?

Top City Islamabad is a well-planned housing society that offers state-of-the-art facilities and amenities to its residents. Each block in the society has its own unique features and attractions, making it challenging to determine the best one. However, after careful consideration of various factors such as location, accessibility, security, lifestyle opportunities and infrastructure; I believe that Block F is the best block of Top City Islamabad.

 Top city Islamabad master plan is very clear and the society is divided into different blocks, each with its own unique features and facilities. Choosing the right block can make all the difference in your living experience in Top City Islamabad. Block F is ideally located near the main entrance of Top City Islamabad which makes it easily accessible for both residents and visitors. The block also boasts some of the most beautiful parks within the society where families can enjoy quality time together. Additionally, there are several educational institutions located nearby which makes it an ideal choice for families with children.

For students looking for accommodation near their universities or colleges in Islamabad; Block F presents an exceptional option due to its proximity to major universities such as NUST and Air University. Furthermore, young professionals will find this block appealing given its close association with major commercial areas like Blue Area.

While every individual might have their own preference regarding what they look for in a housing society; overall Block F offers all that any resident could desire from a top-class living experience at Top City Islamabad.


After analyzing the different types of blocks in Islamabad, it can be concluded that each block has its own unique features and advantages. Depending on your preferences and needs, you can choose the best block of Top City Islamabad for yourself.

For families looking for a peaceful environment with all basic amenities close by, Block C is an ideal option. On the other hand, students seeking affordable accommodation near their universities should consider Block A or E. Young professionals who want to live in a dynamic community with modern facilities should go for Block B or D.

Choosing the best block of Top City Islamabad depends on various factors such as age group, lifestyle requirements and budget constraints. So make sure to do thorough research before making any decision so that you end up selecting the perfect place to call home!

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