Capgemini Launches Generative AI for CX Foundry for Salesforce Customers

Capgemini Launches Generative AI for CX Foundry for Salesforce Customers

Today, Capgemini, unfurled its latest creation: the Generative AI for CX Foundry, tailored exclusively for its clientele in the Salesforce ecosystem.

In a declaration that echoed through the digital arena, Capgemini asserted that this novel offering aspires to propel business growth and innovation to unprecedented heights. It pledges to craft hyper-personalized customer interactions via automated content generation, all while upholding the lofty standards of ethics and responsibility.

This isn’t Capgemini’s maiden voyage with Salesforce. The duo has been steadfast allies for over a decade, toiling relentlessly to empower businesses with the tools needed to elevate their customer relationships through bespoke, seamless, and multi-faceted experiences.

Empowering Businesses with AI-Powered Innovations

Capgemini, a fintech startup, has voiced its ambition to expedite the widespread assimilation of generative AI into the realm of Customer Relationship Management (CRM). They intend to fuse their profound reservoirs of knowledge spanning data, AI, and customer service into a potent catalyst for change.

For those navigating the Salesforce realm, the collaborative effort will act as a turbocharger for their generative AI endeavors, all while honing in on tailor-made solutions across diverse industry landscapes, as proclaimed by the company’s missive.

This novel service emanates from the loins of Capgemini’s Digital Customer Experience (DCX) Foundry, an arsenal teeming with strategies and tools primed to orchestrate massive transformations in customer engagement. This expansion unfurls with the intent of fostering seamless collaboration services for startups, birthing AI solutions finely attuned to a client’s existing IT architecture, data tapestry, and business modus operandi.

Its core thrust revolves around five cardinal domains: fortifying self-service channels, emboldening field sales operations, scribing bespoke marketing content, elevating customer service standards, and engineering journeys that leave customers rapt.

Beyond the written word, Capgemini and Salesforce have summoned generative AI to Heathrow Airport’s service, ushering in a new era of passenger experiences. The tarmac trembles with modern eCommerce innovations, poised to enhance the holistic airport sojourn.

This indomitable partnership envisions expanding its repertoire, further empowering clients in realms spanning marketing, sales, and customer service, all through the arcane prowess of Salesforce Einstein and generative AI marvels, as confirmed in their proclamation.

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