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What Are The Top 10 Features To Incorporate In The Digital Wallet Development?

Mobile have become an integral part of everyone’s life from old to young everyone uses mobile phones to ease their day-to-day work. People want everything to be easy and quick to manage to avoid the chaos. Especially when it comes to managing finances no one wants to carry the real cash and find the desired money at the time of payment. 

This is where the development of the digital wallet app comes into play. Digital wallets, also known as eWallet and mWallet, became one of the fastest methods of transferring money from one to another without the need of a physical app. The most important thing is that they are secure when making payments. According to the research, the growth of the digital wallet has increased to 89% in the year 2022 and will be 100% in upcoming years. 

So, if you are looking to develop a digital wallet app, go for it, but to be unique in the competitive market, you have to include some amazing features, and you can opt for a good ewallet app development company. To make your choice of features easy, we have listed the top 10 businesses that can be considered before the development.

Top 10 Features of Mobile App Wallet 

A digital wallet app provides diverse functionalities to the users, allowing them to make transactions, pay bills, store payment history, and transfer immediate funds. Therefore, to make an app that stands in the market, you must incorporate the top 10 features listed below- 


This is the first and foremost step of the application for the user, one has to register first to get the unique ID for the login. The process also involves filling in all the personal details and setting up the bank accounts in the app for easy access to payment. To secure the payment the person also needs to follow the KYC process. 

Dashboard with all information

Businesses need to focus on making a good easy-to-use analytic dashboard so that every user can use it without any issue. The dashboard should contain all the information such as spending habits, upcoming bills, and the options to select from such as ticket booking for movies, history menu, and all the other features details that are available in the app. 

Money transfers directly from the bank 

The user can transfer the money to any other individual’s bank account within a few minutes. The user just has to add the details of the other person who is required to send the money such as bank account number, name, bank code, or any other details that are necessary. Once the details are filled you can send the money to a person’s bank account in one click from now on as the wallet also save the details for further transactions as well.  

Bill Payments

There is no need to put the details of the bill in the eWallet app. Businesses can make a feature that auto-fetchs the details of all the linked accounts by giving permission for easy access. Moreover, this feature reminds the users and also sends notifications to them for upcoming bills and due payments. Some of the apps also allow an auto-pay option, the user can set that so that they never miss a payment by mistake. 

Multi-currency support

The multi-currency support of the eWallet allows the users to exchange the money globally. Thus making it one of the best choices for fulfilling the global audience needs. International transactions can increase with this and the user doesn’t have to switch to another method for exchanging money across seas. 

Contact Less Payment

The method that came into popularity at the time of COVID-19. Indeed, it was one of the most dangerous phases for all. That increases the demand for contactless payments to avoid touching anything. These payments include scanners, which allow the users to scan and pay at the same time. The peer-to-peer method is also included in this as the user can send the money to the person that is already available in the contact list directly and vice versa. 

Transaction history and Notifications

One of the most common but important features of the mobile wallet app is transaction history and notifications. The user can have a record of the transaction history to track their spending and manage it accordingly. Secondly, the user can get updated with the notification of upcoming bills and paid bills. Also, when the money is credited or sent to anyone. The notification is sent for the knowledge of the user. 


You can also provide a chatbot option for the users. Though, it is vital to make the app user-friendly but then also if a user faces any issue while operating they can get it resolved with the help of the chatbot. The chatbot can provide the answers to the queries of the users and if not resolved can also transfer to the customer support person.

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Rewards and Discounts

Rewards and discounts are lucrative aspects of the eWallet that tempt the users to use the app to the maximum for their financial activities. Thus, this helps the user as well as the businesses leading to increased engagement and retention rates. 

Secure Authentication 

Security of the app is one of the most important factors that a business has to keep in mind while mobile wallet app development. As all the financial transactions and details are part of the app it becomes crucial for one to trust these apps as well. So to make it authenticated include robust user authentication methods such as PIN generation, fingerprint, facial recognition, and also two-factor authentication. It makes sure that the registered user can only access the app.


Hope you understand the involvement of these features in the mobile wallet app development. Thus, involving these in the app can make you stand out in the market. Also, do not forget to do your own research so that you do not miss out on anything. 

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