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4 Essential Tips for Choosing the Perfect Custom Soap Boxes


The phrase “custom Soapbox” refers to vibrant or informal public speaking, with a historical connection to Hyde Park’s Speakers Corner in London. Today, custom soap boxes can be found online in the form of blogs, often utilized for promotional purposes. This article provides helpful suggestions for selecting the best soapbox for your needs.

Shapes: Explore the Options

Soap boxes come in various shapes and sizes, with some featuring windows, others without, and some combining both. Windowed soap boxes can be visually appealing, while there are also options with unique and unconventional shapes. Whatever your preference, there is a soap box design for you. When choosing a soap box, consider square, rectangular, or even asymmetrical shapes based on your brand and product style.
Material selection is crucial for printing images or text on soap boxes. Corrugated cardboard is an excellent choice for mail-order soap boxes, although cardstock can also be used. Paper comes in different thicknesses, and utilizing a design tool can simplify the process. Before placing your order, you can even preview your soap box in 3D. Ensure the font and text used are legible and easy to read.

Sizes: Highlight Product Benefits

Soap boxes serve as a convenient tool for showcasing the benefits of your products. Choosing the right size can emphasize those benefits and enhance the safety of your soap. It’s essential for soap packaging boxes to be durable and long-lasting while being suitable for the specific type of soap you offer. For mail-order products, consider corrugated cardboard or cardstock, which are available in various thickness options. Here are some pointers for selecting the best soap box size for your products:

  • Consider the design of the soap box, aiming for an appealing and attention-grabbing appearance that allows buyers to focus on the product.
  • Unusual shapes and designs can be appealing and intriguing, but be cautious not to appear overly ridiculous and deter recipients. If on a tight budget, sticking to traditional designs can still be effective.

Printing Options: Make a Lasting Impression

Custom-printed soap boxes offer numerous design possibilities, but the overall packaging should be visually appealing to catch the attention of potential customers. Avoid dull, brown soap boxes and instead seek unique designs that reflect your brand identity. Once you’ve chosen a design, finalize the color scheme and artwork. If your brand identity features floral elements, consider incorporating them into the soap packaging.
To make your custom-printed soap box stand out in stores, you can choose between soft-touch matte and high-gloss UV finishes. Soft-touch matte finish offers a lovely tactile experience, while high-gloss UV finish adds dimension and depth to your logo or design. Don’t forget to include essential information like product descriptions, ingredients, benefits, and recommendations for different skin types. Opt for a sans-serif font for better readability. If you want your packaging to stand out, consider incorporating eye-catching patterns.

Customization: Building Brand Loyalty

Soap packaging has evolved from a basic necessity to a reflection of culture and brand identity. Today, customization plays a vital role in building brand loyalty and increasing marketing value. Soap companies can capitalize on customers’ desire to customize their product packaging. Creating unique soapboxes for wholesale can be one of the most effective ways to promote your brand.
Highlight your brand name prominently on the soap box to attract customers. Utilize eye-catching colors to draw attention to the logo and other branding information. By allowing customers to personalize the packaging, you create a one-of-a-kind experience that fosters loyalty and customer connection.


Selecting the best custom soap boxes involves considering various factors, such as shapes, sizes, printing options, and customization. By paying attention to these pointers, you can elevate your soap packaging, effectively promote your brand, and captivate your target audience.

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