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Leading Bathrobe Manufacturer for Hospitality Businesses

The right hotel bathrobe allows your guests to relax after a long day by the pool or during their spa visit. It also serves as a direct communication that you care about their experience at your hospitality business.

Look for a robe that can withstand multiple washes while maintaining its composition. It should also offer practical features like pockets and hanger loops for storage.

1. Direct Procurement

Direct procurement, also known as direct spend management or direct sourcing, is the end-to-end process of managing raw materials or essential supplies that directly impact the finished products your business delivers to customers. It includes planning, sourcing, negotiating, and managing contracts with suppliers.

The goal of direct procurement is to create long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with vendors. This results in a steady supply of high-quality goods that is both cost-effective and reliable.

This is a contrast to indirect procurement, which focuses on controlling company spending and managing expenses. Indirect procurement typically involves sourcing for non-essential supplies like contingent labor, consulting services, advertising, or janitorial services. The right software for direct procurement can centralize purchasing activity, automate the sourcing process, and integrate with inventory systems.

2. Online Sales

A hotel’s guests expect to have everything they need for a comfortable stay. This includes the basics like functional pools and lights, but also a luxury bathroom experience with luxurious bathrobes.

For hotels looking to expand their reach beyond traditional channels, e-commerce sales are becoming more and more popular. This is a great way to increase profits without having to pay extra for middlemen.

Choosing the right manufacturer to partner with can make all the difference. Look for one that offers a high-quality product at an affordable price and has strict quality control measures in place. They should also be willing to customize the robes, such as adding an embroidered logo to boost brand loyalty. They should be able to offer wholesale prices for large orders, as well.

3. Customization

Aside from a great selection of products, you want to find a bathrobe manufacturer that has experience and expertise. They should be able to create luxurious and comfortable robes that are durable enough to last for years. You also need to look for a company that has strict quality control measures.

Distributor of custom logo imprinted hotel and spa bathrobes. Offers terry velour, blue lagoon, waffle weave, coral fleece, and kimono-style robes. Features include full-length shawl collars, belt loops, and two front pockets. Complies with CPSIA.

4. Reliability

Bathrobes are a popular choice for hotel guests. They keep them warm, dry, and comfortable after a shower or pool session. They are made of a variety of fabrics, including fleece, cotton, linen, and terry cloth. The most popular material is terry cloth, which helps absorb water quickly.

With the advent of work-from-home culture, luxury bathrobes have become a part of daily life. They provide comfort and a sense of privacy to those who choose to work at home.

With a wide range of options available, choosing the right supplier can be difficult. Textile Infomedia has compiled a list of reliable Bathrobe Manufacturers that offer the best quality products at affordable prices. They can help you find the right fit for your hospitality business.

5. Sustainability

The hospitality industry has a lot of scope to adopt eco-friendly processes. From basic recycling programs to implementing energy-efficient equipment, eco-friendly measures can result in significant savings in operational costs.

Fashionizer Spa is a UK-based company that works to prioritize sustainability in its products. Their new robe inspired by a kimono silhouette is made from organic textiles that are free of harmful chemicals and pesticides.

Boca Terry is another bathrobe manufacturer that considers sustainability. The company’s ‘Green’ range of products is made from recycled materials without compromising quality or comfort. These products also feature a special inside tag with the recycled symbol to show their green credentials. These are a great choice for hotel guests who want to support sustainability initiatives. They are a perfect addition to any green hotel.

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