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Know The Pros and Cons of Bluestone Pavement

Which kind of paving stone to use on your new patio may be on your mind while you design it. Naturally occurring paving stones come in various colours and textures, but Bluestone pavers are always a favourite. Its colour palette appears spectacular in all weather and goes nicely with the Mid-Atlantic’s deep green foliage. When looking for Bluestone pavement options for your outdoor space, these are some benefits and drawbacks that one can look at. 


Bluestone Brings Drama & Charm :- Only by recognising the mid-Atlantic region’s natural beauty can one truly be in awe of Bluestone paving stones. The stone’s hues, which consist of steely blues and greys, are captivating regardless of the weather—cloudy, rainy, snowy, or sunny. Whether the plants in this area are brilliant in the summer or dormant in the winter, Bluestone pavement will always go well with them.  

The remarkable variance among individual stones endows Bluestone with its allure. No two stones are ever the same, even if they come from the same quarry and batch. This guarantees that your outdoor living area is totally unique. 

Bluestone Is Versatile :- Bluestone pavers are a great way to update the look of your landscaping, regardless of how conventional or modern your property is. Interesting patterns and textures can either subtly conflict with your house or complement it beautifully.  

Bluestone Is Long-Lasting :- If you seal Bluestone pavement frequently to stop water infiltration and the ensuing damage from the freeze-thaw cycle, it can endure the worst winter weather. Bluestone is a fantastic material for pedestrian areas and has been utilised for more than 200 years. We also recommend resealing the stones every 2-3 years to maintain their natural lustre.  


Bluestone Absorbs Heat :- Since Bluestone is inherently darker than lighter stones like Marble, it absorbs sunlight more intensely. This means that if your outdoor living space receives hours of direct sunlight, its surface will become very hot throughout the summer. For this reason, using Bluestone for pool decking is not advised. 

Bluestone Tends to Flake :- Bluestone is a kind of Sandstone composed of several crushed sedimentary strata. Again, if the stone is left exposed to the elements, it may chip naturally as a result of infiltration by water and weathering. 
Bluestone is not the ideal material for pool decks or other moist places like hot tubs because of this and its dark colour. Additionally, driveways are not a good place for it because tyre abrasion and vehicle weight can wear off these thin layers.  

Bluestone Can Be Slippery :- While Bluestone is a form of flagstone that has a little sandpaper-like texture by nature, it is best suited for patios and pathways without a slope because it can become slippery when wet. Due to the textured surface, the stones provide good traction, which in turn provides great grip. This is why Bluestone pavement is most commonly used as pool pavers or coping tiles.  

How to Maintain Your Bluestone Pavement?  

A strong offence might occasionally be the greatest defence. Making sure to wipe and mop up spills as soon as they occur is a crucial step in maintaining the integrity of your stone’s protective seal. As previously said, liquids can leave difficult-to-remove stains on stone, as even water can temporarily leave a mark on it. Preventing spills such as wine or lemon juice helps preserve not just your seal but also the polished appearance of your stone.

The Final Takeaway 

Many Australian landscapes include Bluestone, an exceptionally beautiful and adaptable paving stone. There are suppliers like Stone Depot who offer premium Bluestone pavement in wholesale prices. So, if you want to enjoy the beauty of Bluestone in places where it’s not the greatest material—like the driveway or pool deck, you can check out our website. 

If you want to create a room with amazing character, Bluestone could be a terrific option for patios and walkways. 

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