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How to Safely and Efficiently Remove Gophers from Your Property

Gophers are extremely isolated creatures that restrict themselves to a small geographic area, so you’ll rarely see more than one in any given location. However, even one of them has the potential to cause severe damage to your property. Gophers can consistently dig between the soil in your yard, eating anything in their underground way, including roots, vegetables, stems, and just about everything. This also includes important wire lines and even roots of your favorite tree to make a homeowner’s life extremely frustrating. In addition to creating unsightly sinkholes in your yard, the gopher tunnels also present a danger to pedestrians. Like every wild rat, gophers transmit parasites, bugs, lice, and ticks to pets who spend time in your yard and spread harmful diseases. Not just that, these creatures also pose a threat to other animals. You could end up being stressed at this scene; however, you don’t have to worry because there are a couple of ways for gopher removal in Florida. Gopher control services can also help you eliminate them effectively. However, other methods which you can utilize yourself are shared below. 

1. Trap the Gophers

Live traps are considered a serious method to effectively remove gophers from your property. Trapping is one of the least labor-intensive and one of the most efficient methods for eliminating gophers and other invaders. A live trap can be easily purchased online or at a nearby hardware store. After that, place it near the entry of the tunnel. You can include a bait like lettuce which will attract gophers. However, experts suggest that you can even trap gophers without the baits. Once you have trapped the gopher, make sure to block the tunnels to stop them from re-entering your property.

2. Fence the Perimeter

The best defense against gophers is by blocking their entry inside your property. Hence, utilize the promptly accessible fencing wire to fabricate a barrier around your property to prevent the entry of gophers. This obstruction needs to spread out by one to two feet, either inside or beyond the ground. Gophers might try to dig inside your lawn; however, the barrier fence will prevent them eventually. While laying new grass, spread a mixed wire mesh that is about a foot under the soil. If you have a bigger lawn, you might have to work hard to keep gophers out, but by doing this, you might be able to protect it for a long time.

3. Create Vibrations 

Gophers navigate through the dark underground area with their ears. As a result, their ears are extremely sensitive to vibrations and loud noises. By creating ominous soundwaves, you can stop gophers from entering your shed. With a speaker facing down outside your shed, start playing loud music. However, if that disturbs your neighbors, invest in wind chimes or ultrasonic devices that vibrate the ground to remove gophers and keep them away.

4. Use Smelly Repellents

For gopher removal in Florida, rotten eggs, fish waste, pet litter, peppermint oil, mothballs, garlic oil, tabasco sauce, and castor oil are all effective repellents. To get gophers far from your yard, utilize these agents and put them close to the gopher burrows. If you want to get rid of gophers effectively, experts say that you need to use this method frequently.

5. Try Ammonia 

Pouring ammonia into the gophers’ holes is another well-known method for repelling them. Typically, smelling salts, a gas with a particular scent, are combined with water when making a cleaning solution. Since purchasing a cleaning solution with ammonia is all you need to try this method, it is modest and simple. However, you’ll need to dig under your shed to find the gopher tunnels to make sure that this method is 100% effective at getting rid of gophers. This is not only difficult, but it is also risky if you do not have the necessary equipment to complete the task. Hence, consider hiring gopher removal experts to rapidly eliminate the gophers from your property. This will save you from hurting yourself during the process and also saves your property from certain damages. 

6. Gas or Smoke Bombs 

To force gophers to leave their current homes, highway flares, gas bombs, smoke bombs, and carbon monoxide injected into their tunnels will work, but none of these methods can be sustained. Without a long-term strategy or maintenance plan, they will eventually return. Therefore, once you have forced gophers out of your property, seal their tunnels so they don’t return. Furthermore, you can plant gopher-repelling products inside your yard, which will distract them from your house.
If you want to ensure that gopher control is carried out correctly, you should call in experts for gopher removal in Florida. They will utilize precise techniques to get gophers with astoundingly delicate ways to deal with getting gophers out of your yard. They make sure to keep the traps underground to ensure that no other animal is in danger. Your yard will not be in danger because no strong chemicals, poisonous bait, harmful gases, or explosives will be used. However, you can follow the methods mentioned above if you want to remove gophers from your property.

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