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How do you Unlock a Car Without a Key?

In some vehicles, using elaborative key fobs, touchpads, and remote-open sensors almost guarantees that you will not be locked out. However, this doesn’t apply to you if you have an old vehicle that uses a physical key. As a result, people end up breaking their windows out of frustration caused by a lockout. You can unlock your car door with patience, practice, and persistence. Therefore, you don’t have to break windows or go for costly repairs. You never know when you might lose your keys, have them stolen, or find them locked inside your car. An emergency locksmith in Minneapolis, MN, can be reached if you truly need professional help. But what if you are pressed for time and must resolve the issue immediately? There are numerous methods for unlocking vehicles. We’ve given you a few different options for dealing with the situation in this article.

1. Use Your Shoestring to Open the Car Door

Even though it might seem impossible, you can immediately open your vehicle’s door with just one shoestring. Make a slipknot and tighten it from the ends of a ribbon or another kind of string that you have removed from one of your shoes. Holding one end of the string in each hand, move it back and forth through the corner of the car door until it reaches a depth at which the knot can be slipped over the doorknob. Pull on the string to tighten it, and once it is in place, pull up to unlock it. This method will not work on automobiles with door-side locking mechanisms. However, if your door has a knob at the top, you can use this method.

2. Unlock the Car with a Wedge

To open a vehicle door, you should get a tool kit incorporating a bent or inflatable window wedge. However, expert emergency locksmiths suggest that using a wedge to unlock a vehicle can be challenging. To start, eliminate the highest point of the door jamb with a prying device before embedding the wedge to keep the door jamb out. After that, push the unlock button with a long, thin rod like a coat hanger. This trick works with both old and new cars. However, there is a drawback. Even skilled individuals will scratch the paint or damage the weather stripping during this interaction. Because sometimes the top of the door frame remains bent out of the body even after using the wedge, it may need to be realigned at a garage.

3. Use of a Screwdriver

Opening the vehicle door with a screwdriver is another more affordable choice. Here is how you can do it

  • Wedge the screwdriver into the car door passage and make a little hole between the door and the edge of the vehicle.
  • Move the second screwdriver towards the door unlock button by sliding it between the hole made by the first screwdriver.
  • Click the open button with it, and the vehicle will be opened in less than 30 seconds.

4. Electronic Door Openers

Luckily, numerous new vehicles have electronic door openers, which are also known as mobile keys, which keep you from locking the doors with your keys inside. However, everything has a drawback, and this method has one too. If you misplace this electronic door opener, it will take so many days to get replaced, and you might also need to call a towing company to take your vehicle to the garage.

5. Call a Professional Automobile Locksmith

The safest way to unlock your car door is to call a locksmith, but it will cost you money. If your vehicle door is locked, you can open it without any hassle by calling your nearby locksmith, saving you the pressure of attempting various techniques. They can quickly unlock the door using effective tools, even if your vehicle has a power lock system. Locksmiths are prepared to open door locks of any kind with their extensive training and knowledge. Moreover, they ensure that to take care of your vehicles so that no damage is caused.
Without prior notice, car keys can be lost or stolen at any time. Anyone would prefer to avoid the situation of having their car locked out. But if you have a spare key, you can prevent such problems. However, some of us may not have extra keys, in which case we may need to look for other solutions to our problem of being unable to open our car doors. You can easily open your car doors with the aforementioned techniques. As a bonus, your auto insurance provider may offer you the assistance of an emergency locksmith in Minneapolis, MN. Call your local locksmith right away and keep their number in your contact list because it’s the most efficient way to open a car door without causing any damage.

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