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CenturyPromise: Protecting Your Purchases, One QR Code at a Time

Plywood is a popular construction material used for furniture, interiors, and various building structures. Plywood is a versatile building material and is commonly used in a wide range of applications, such as furniture, cabinets, and kitchen countertops. It is preferred over solid wood because of its high strength-to-weight ratio, dimensional stability, and resistance to warping, cracking, and splitting. Additionally, plywood is available in a range of grades and thicknesses, allowing it to be customized for specific applications.

However, the market is flooded with counterfeit or fake plywood, which has become a common problem for customers. These counterfeit products not only compromise the quality of the final product but also pose a safety risk to people who use them.

To address this issue, CenturyPly has taken a proactive approach by integrating unique QR codes in all its plyboards. This innovation makes CenturyPly the first company in the plywood industry in India to have such a feature. The QR codes serve as a verification tool for customers, ensuring that they are purchasing authentic CenturyPly products.

The process is quite simple: once a customer purchases a CenturyPly product, they can scan the QR code on the plyboard with the CenturyPromise app, which is available for download. The app will instantly provide information on whether the product is genuine or counterfeit. Additionally, the app also displays details on the factory where the plyboard was manufactured. This information provides customers with complete transparency on the origin of the product they have purchased.

Furthermore, this app also allows customers to download an e-warranty certificate for their purchase. The e-warranty certificate serves as a digital copy of the warranty offered by CenturyPly for their product. The app provides this service to customers, ensuring that they always have a record of their warranty for future reference.

Features of century promise app:

  1. Scan QR code or Upload QR code: The CenturyPly app allows you to either scan the QR code on the plywood using your phone’s camera, or you can upload a photo of the QR code from your phone’s gallery.
  1. Product Description: If the scanned/ uploaded QR code is genuine, the app will display the product description, which includes details such as the product name, plant name, thickness, size, date of manufacturing, and a unique code.
  1. CenturyPly Genuine Product: The app will also display the text “CenturyPly genuine product”  and  also check plywood authenticity to indicate that the scanned/ uploaded QR code belongs to a genuine CenturyPly product.
  1. E-Warranty: If you have purchased a genuine CenturyPly product, you can generate and download an e-warranty using the app. This e-warranty serves as proof of purchase and provides details about the warranty coverage for the product.
  1. Offers & Promotions: The app also provides information about any ongoing offers and promotions on CenturyPly products.
  1. Feedback: Finally, the app allows you to share your feedback about the product or the app itself. This can be a useful way to communicate with CenturyPly about any issues or suggestions you may have.


The CenturyPromise app is a positive development for CenturyPly and its customers. By leveraging technology to enhance transparency and improve customer experience, CenturyPly has demonstrated its commitment to providing high-quality and authentic products. The QR codes and app provide customers with valuable information and easy access to their e-warranty certificates, which can help build trust and confidence in the brand. As such, the integration of QR codes and the CenturyPromise app is likely to contribute to the continued success of CenturyPly in the market.

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