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Bathtub Guide for an Enriching Experience

Welcome to the ultimate buying guide for bathtubs, where we’ll dive into the world of relaxation and rejuvenation. Taking a bath is the ultimate relaxation, but buying a bathtub can be stressful. After a long day, your bath is your space to soak, relax, and unwind.

When it comes to creating the perfect oasis in your bathroom, choosing the right bathtub is paramount. With an array of options available, understanding standard bathtub sizes, bathtub dimensions, and the diverse range of choices is key to transforming your bathing experience.

Bathtub Type

Freestanding Bathtubs

A freestanding tub rests directly on the bathroom floor and is open on all four sides. They frequently draw attention and operate as a focus point, catching your eye as soon as you enter the bathroom. Freestanding bathtubs function best in large bathrooms where there may be an overall sense of space because they are intended to be the sculptural focal point of the area.

Built-in Bathtubs

Built-in bathtubs, also known as alcoves or recessed bathtubs, are fixtures designed to be installed within an alcove or against a wall in a bathroom. These bathtubs are a popular and practical choice for many homes due to their space-saving design and versatility. Built-in bathtubs can be very practical, space-saving and cost-effective, often slotting into a corner or niche.

Alcove bathtubs are available in corner, oval, and rectangular designs, among other sizes and configurations. There is no need to measure and cut them to fit the bathtub because they are made to fit into a specified location. Furthermore, because alcove bathtubs are made to fit into a specific space and can be mass-produced, they are less expensive than other bathtub options.

Drop-In Bathtub

Installing a drop-in bathtub involves simply lowering it into an elevated platform or surround. In addition to providing the bathtub with a smooth edge, the platform or surround helps contain water. Drop-in bathtubs come in a variety of sizes and shapes, making installation simpler, and can be installed in bathrooms with an existing platform or surround. They are available in porcelain, acrylic, or fiberglass, among other materials. Among the offered features are built-in seats, heated surfaces, and jets. Drop-in bathtubs are popular among homeowners because they provide a sleek, modern look for the bathroom.

Bathtub Shape

A wide range of designs are available for bathtubs, and each shape will uniquely affect the space. Like those that sit off the floor on their feet, curved baths visually take up less space and contrast the straight lines of a boxy room. They are also a fantastic alternative for small bathrooms. 

Conversely, square forms provide a more modern sense to a space and provide contrast to other architectural features like arched windows. However, because they are visibly bulkier, they work best in larger areas.

Oval and round-shaped baths are often viewed as the most comfortable to luxuriate in as they provide more room, but of course, the bath’s size and height need to be factored in, too. 

Bathtub Size

A standard bathtub size usually is 5 feet/60 inches, or 2 and a half feet/30 inches broad and 1 foot or more tall. Compact sizes, which come in both freestanding and built-in designs, are typically slightly under 5 feet, while even smaller sizes, slightly over 4 feet, are possible. 

Larger alternatives are available, with lengths up to about 6½ feet, so it is well worth taking off your shoes in the showroom to check the bath’s dimensions and comfort. It’s also very important to consider how much room you have in your room and how simple it will be to move the tub into place. 

Bathtub Material

Bathtub material varies based on appearance, weight and cost. Selecting the right bathtub material is crucial for durability and aesthetics. Acrylic offers versatility, while enameled steel provides resilience against scratches. Fiberglass is affordable with good insulation, and cast iron imparts a timeless, luxurious feel. Careful consideration ensures that the chosen material aligns with style preferences and practical longevity.

Closing Thoughts

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