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4 tips for Choosing Lucida Laminates for Scratch-Proof Surfaces

The choice of laminate for your furniture should be done very carefully not only regarding appearance but also its service life. If you are looking for scratch-resistant surfaces, Lucida Laminates by CenturyPly is a trusted option. This laminate is tailored to function on practicality as well as style, hence making it the best choice for virtually any application.

In this article, we shall talk about 4 essential tips for choosing the Lucida Laminates to achieve scratch-proof surfaces.

1. Assess the Abrasion Resistance –

When picking scratch-proof laminates for better abrasion resistance is one of the top priorities. Manufactured with engineered capacity to evenly distribute the forces of daily wear and tear forces, Lucida Laminates by Century Ply find their perfect use in high-traffic areas. Taber Abrasion Test is a test taken by the impact of daily activities on its surface that provides abrades resistance value in scores. Before formulating a decision, ask about the Abrasion Class (AC) rating of normal laminates and then compare it with Lucida laminates as Lucida emerges as the clear winner.               

2. Consider texture –

Offered by Lucida, textures, and finishes are implementable to suit your persona which is scratch resistant. In terms of scratches, textured finishes are a good choice since they help hide slight scratches and scuffing. Also, scratches on shiny surfaces are commonly much more visible than on matte or textured finishes. Lucida laminates are available in different textures ranging from wood grains to abstract patterns so there is always an option that blends well with your design needs while providing the necessary level of scratch resistance.

3. Verify the Core Material –

The core material is most important in the strength and scratch resistance of a laminate. High Quality core materials are used for Lucida Laminates by CenturyPly which makes them highly durable and long lasting. The core is usually constructed out of either high-density fiberboard (HDF) or particle board. High-density fiberboard is more solid and durable than particle board, offering a high level of resistance to scratches or impacts. Because of the superior structural integrity that HDF provides, it’s safe to say that a laminate surface remains sound even after day-to-day use.

4. Check for UV Protection –

The furniture that is placed next to windows or exposed to the sunlight tends to fade after a period. Lucida Laminates feature embedded modern UV protection technology, which saves the surface from ultraviolet rays. However, UV-resistant decorative laminates not only retain their vivid hues but also have enhanced scratch resistance. Select Lucida Laminates for scratch-proof surfaces only where they are specified to include UV protection in their specifications. This function makes certain that your furniture retains an attractive appearance and is scratch-proof even after long exposure to sunlight.

The Bottom Line

To conclude, in choosing CenturyPly’s Lucida Laminates for scratch-resistant surfaces, one can rest assured that they are selecting a product of the highest quality and durability. Taking aspects like the ones mentioned above into account will help you come up with an appropriate solution that meets your design requirements while allowing for the durability of furnishings. Lucida Laminates not only improve the aesthetics of your living or working environment but also give a durable surface that can stand up to everyday usage without sacrificing style. Furthermore, they are not only long-lasting but also a cost-effective option.

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