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How to Care for Zoysia Sod

For those looking for a vivid and lush lawn, Zoysia sod is a popular option. Proper maintenance and attention are important if you want your Zoysia sod to grow. Throughout the year, your Zoysia sod will maintain its beautiful appearance with the help of the necessary tips and methods covered in this detailed blog.

Tips and Tricks For How to Care for Zoysia Sod

Watering your Zoysia Sod

Remember to water your sod regularly; all plants require a steady supply of water to thrive. To ensure that the grass seeds germinate once the sod installation is complete, you have to maintain a wet soil environment. 

Watering the grass is no longer crucial once the sod has established roots; you should only water it when you see wilting blades. In the long run, a Zoysia sod patch should get about an inch of water per week. The weather and temperature will determine this, though. For upkeep in the dry months, consider installing a sprinkler system.

Regular Lawn Mowing

Hold off until each blade of Zoysia sod is about two or three inches tall after it has fully grown into the soil. Now is the perfect moment to mow your freshly seeded lawn. Trim away! 

Adjust the height of the lawnmower to around one to two inches. You should mow a Zoysia lawn every 5–15 days; however, this varies with the season and how often you fertilize. Additionally, wait until the sod has fully set before you start trimming the lawn. Otherwise, you risk destroying the soil’s seedlings and leaving barren areas of grass in your lawn.

Apply fertilizer every Three Months

Grass fertilization is vital for lush grass. Three or four times a year, beginning in the late spring and continuing until the late fall, fertilize the soil. 

But make sure you don’t go baffling. If you let the grass grow too tall after applying too much fertilizer, you’ll have to do more landscaping than necessary. An annual application of 1–2 pounds of fertilizer per 1,000 square feet is usually sufficient for zoysia sod.

Grass Cutting Methods 

To keep Zoysia sod healthy, mow it properly. Adjust the mowing height to 1 to 2 inches depending on the variety of Zoysia you have. In no mowing session, should you eliminate more than 1/3 of the grass height. Mowing on a regular basis promotes thick turf and lateral growth. To avoid strain and illness, keep mower blades sharp for smooth cuts. Instead of following a rigid calendar plan, think about cutting the grass as it grows.

Pest and Weed Management 

Keep an eye out for pests and weeds on your Zoysia lawn on a regular basis. Avoid harming the Zoysia grass by hand-pulling weeds or by using a targeted herbicide. 

Grubs and armyworms are insect pests that can damage sod if not dealt with quickly with the right chemicals. The best way to prevent weeds and pests from ruining your lawn is to keep it healthy through regular maintenance.

Adaptations for the Season 

Adapt your lawn maintenance schedule to the changing seasons. In the winter, zoysia grass goes dormant, so it doesn’t need any fertilizer or water. To encourage grass hardening before winter, water less frequently in the fall. 

Restoration of a consistent care routine to encourage growth begins in the spring. Zoysia has varying maintenance requirements at different seasons of the year, so be sure to adjust your methods accordingly.


Installing, watering, fertilizing, cutting, controlling pests, and adjusting for the seasons are all part of caring for Zoysia sod. Your outside space will be more beautiful with a green, healthy lawn if you follow these simple steps. Zoysia sod lawns thrive with consistent attention and a specific care plan, allowing you to enjoy them year after year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please tell me how to do Zoysia Sod maintenance to keep plants alive and well?

More frequent and heavier fertilizer and irrigation aren’t optional for zoysia grass as it grows. It thrives in environments with moderate to low nitrogen fertilizer levels. Weeds and other types of turf grass differ from well-established zoysia grass.

How can I ensure that my Zoysia grass thrives?

In contrast to warm-season grasses like Bermuda grass, which thrive in full sun, zoysia can handle partial shade.

When planting Zoysia, what kind of grass seed is ideal?

Using plugs to establish a Zoysia grass lawn will result in bare spots. If you’re planting seeds, you’ll need a different kind of grass that grows more quickly to cover up the gaps. Zoysia is commonly inter-planted with tall fescue and Kentucky bluegrass, which are cool-season grasses.

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