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How Do CME Conferences Help Improve Morale & Work Efficiency?

Suppose you’re part of a team of ten doctors in a hospital department specializing in your field. While you regularly interact and consult with each other, what happens when a question arises that none of you can answer?

These unanswerable questions are not rare. The world of medical research is progressing so rapidly that it takes only 73 days for medical knowledge to double now. And this time duration is only going to decrease as the progress accelerates.

This is exactly why most specialized medical boards across the US require their doctors to continue their medical education even while they are practicing. They have to earn a set number of Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits after attending a minimum of 50 hours of lecture per year to retain their medical license.

Since every doctor has to obtain these CME credits, it’s a great idea if your colleagues and you decide to participate in this learning process together. Wondering how to go about doing this?

Here’s the perfect solution.

MAPS Pediatric CME Conferences 2024

If you are a pediatrician, particularly one who specializes in special needs children, your colleagues and you must be devoted to bettering the lives of your patients. Therefore, MAPS pediatric CME conferences are ideal for you.

MAPS (Medical Academy for Pediatric Special Needs) is an organization formed by professionals who are dedicated to providing the latest medical insights to special needs pediatricians.

This organization strives to provide further medical learning to doctors who deal with children on the Autism spectrum in particular. Autism Spectrum Disorder and its related chronic conditions are what MAPS focuses on.

Every year, MAPS organizes two pediatric CME conferences, and the upcoming conference– MAPS Fall 2024 is going to be held from September 5th to 7th 2024.

How Do Medical Professionals Benefit from Attending MAPS Pediatric CME Conferences?

Now that you know what MAPS is, let us move on to the advantages of attending its pediatric CME conferences.

  • Get Out Of Your Microcosm

    Regardless of your experience, it’s natural to encounter new questions that may not always have immediate answers, which is perfectly normal and part of the learning process.

    Children with ASD often have problems with expressing or explaining what physiological issues they are facing. This is why identifying the source of discomfort is a big challenge in children with ASD.

    Now, there are possibilities that you might not have heard of a technique that has been perfected already on the other coast of America. No matter how thoroughly you keep up with the news, there are clinical breakthroughs that might miss out on.

    MAPS pediatric CME conferences make sure that you are aware of what practices are being followed not only in your state but also, throughout the country. MAPS conferences draw in doctors from other countries as well!

    MAPS conferences get you out of your microcosmic bubble. These conferences are meant for clinicians and lectures, thereby, are delivered by the top clinicians in the country. You can learn a lot from their method of dealing with the challenging cases that they encounter. Medical case studies are best understood when the doctor who has dealt with that case speaks about it.

  • Active Learning Instead of Passive Learning

    Indeed, you can always complete those 50 hours of learning through your computer screen. There are plenty of webinars that will provide you with the same information. However, as a doctor who focuses on learning disabilities, you should know that the perception of that information is more important than the method of delivery.

    The same information can be obtained through a medical journal, but does it achieve the same results?

    Of course not!

    MAPS conferences are places where you get to personally interact with your fellow doctors and speakers. There are workshops and courses, where you are taught the latest clinical techniques with a hands-on approach.

    This form of active learning is miles away from what you can achieve by sitting for hours in front of a digital screen. At MAPS pediatric CME conferences, you not only get to talk to doctors but also to industry veterans from all over the world.

    Moreover, this is a great opportunity to return to the classroom with your colleagues. You can exchange notes and compete to answer tricky questions just like you used to do in your med school.

  • Learn Together, Work Together

    Suppose you individually attended a MAPS pediatrics CME conference. Now, you need to go back to your hospital and explain every single detail that you have learned over three days to all your colleagues. Not only is this difficult, but it also takes a lot of your valuable time.

    Wouldn’t it be so much easier if all of you had the same stack of information?

    Additionally, it would be way easier to coordinate with one another when you have attended the same conference. Even though the teacher briefs only one lesson in class, 50 students interpret the lesson in 50 different ways. There’s a chance that discussing a particular chapter with different interpretations can lead to breakthroughs! 

Attending MAPS Pediatric CME Conferences in 2024

So this year, consider attending MAPS pediatric CME conferences with all your colleagues so that all of you can go back to work with the same treasure trove of information. This can also be a trip down memory lane if you’re missing your med school classes. In addition, 50 hours of lectures only sound taxing when done alone. With friends, they are a breeze.

MAPS Fall Conference 2024 is set to be organized at DoubleTree Scottsdale, AZ. This is a three-day event that will go on from September 5th to 7th, 2024. So bring along your colleagues and enjoy learning together.

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