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Full Lace Wigs: Care and Maintenance Tips

Are you a hair extension lover? Do you already collect wigs? If so, we hope you are taking good care of them! Extensions and wigs require extensive care and maintenance to support their resilience, sheen, shape, and longevity. For first-time wig buyers, be patient and nice to your hair accessories for rewarding benefits!

Today, we will discuss how to care for and maintain full lace human hair wigs. Among other wig varieties, they have a delicate structure requiring additional caution whenever using or not using them. Let’s start with the basics by understanding a full lace wig.

Full Lace Wig: A Brief Introduction

Unlike front lace wigs with sheer lace extending at the front, a full lace wig covers the entire head. Hair stands are delicately weaved into a lace base with full head coverage. It replicates wearing a cap! However, a full lace wig offers a seamless look as it appears hair growing out from the scalp. It blends perfectly with your scalp, making it completely undetectable! Full lace wigs are loved for their comfortability, breathability, and versatility.

Tips to Care and Maintain Lace Front Wigs

  • Avoid Harsh Products- We know how much you love hair sprays! Undoubtedly, heat-protectant hair sprays are essential whenever you are using curling irons or straighteners. However, ensure that your hair spray is free from harsh chemicals like silicone, parabens, etc. These can critically damage hair cuticles, making them prone to breakage.
  • Say No to Extreme Heat- Excessive heat can damage your wig’s cuticles and ends. It dries out the hair, making it dull, frizzy, and unmanageable. The lustre and sheen are gone! So, avoid going near a fireplace, heat vent, etc. Also, do not expose it to extreme sunlight. UV rays aren’t good for human full lace wigs. Use a hat or scarf to protect your hair.
  • Do Not Pull Your Hair- Even if you are tying a ponytail or top bun, do not pull your hair too tight. It creates stress along the cuticles, causing breakage and hair loss. You will eventually lose volume.
  • Brush Gently- When combing hair, be very gentle- no rough brushing. Also, use the specific hair brush to comb your wig. Your wig hair can become loose if you brush too harshly. Unfortunately, your wig will not last long.
  • Shampoo and Condition- While shampooing, mix shampoo in lukewarm water and spray it throughout the wig. Allow it to soak for some time, and then spread it using a wide-tooth comb. It will keep your wig tangle-free. Rinse with cold water and generously apply conditioner. Never miss conditioning your wig! Allow your wig to air dry.
  • Store Properly- To reap the long-lasting benefits of full lace wigs, storage is a significant aspect. Always hang your wig or place it on a wig mannequin. It will retain the shape of the wig, offering extended durability.

When you practice a good maintenance regime, your wig will love you back! So, enjoy your wig journey!                                          

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