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Diagnosis And Treatment Of Traumatic Brain Injury

The blog gives information about the symptoms and causes of traumatic brain injury. It also suggests some preventive measures which can be helpful for the patient at all levels.

Traumatic Brain Injury mainly outcomes from a violent blow or jolt to the head of the body. Any object that enters through brain tissue like shot or any other thing can cause traumatic brain injury. The injury can be long lasting or sometimes even death.

Mild traumatic brain injury can affect your cells of the brain in a temporary way but more thoughtful traumatic brain injury can result in torn tissues, hemorrhage or physical injury to the brain. 

Symptoms of traumatic brain injury: Signs and symptoms can appear immediately or in a day or week. In a mild traumatic brain injury, some physical symptoms may be annoyance, nausea or vomiting, fatigue, dizziness, etc.

Some sensory indications are blurry vision, bad taste in mouth or sensitivity to light or sound. Some cognitive symptoms may be loss of consciousness or memory difficulties.

In a reasonable to severe traumatic brain injuries, some physical symptoms may be determined headache that worsens, recurrent vomiting, loss of coordination, etc.

Some cognitive symptoms may be agitation, slurred speech or even coma. Babies or young kids may not be able to recognize symptoms but their parentages can observe symptoms such as determined crying, change in sleeping habits, unusual touchiness or seizures.

Causes of traumatic brain injury: Some causes that may cause traumatic brain injury are described below-

1.Falling: Falling from bed or ladder may cause traumatic brain injury. It may put severe impact on the brain of the infants or young children. Sometimes older adults also face such type of brain injury.

2. Violence or colliding of vehicles: Wounds by gunshots, domestic violence to women or child abuse may cause traumatic brain injury. Violent shaking to infants may also result in traumatic brain injury.

On the other hand, when the vehicles collided such as car or motorcycle or pedestrians involved in such accidents are a common cause of traumatic brain injury.

3. Sports injuries: There are various sports in which traumatic brain injury can take place. Sports such as soccer, boxing, football, crickets, skateboarding, hockey, etc may impact extreme traumatic brain injury.

These are particularly experience in youths. There passion in sports is at high level where they ignore such injuries too.

4. Explosion of blasts: When a soldier is on the battle field, he mainly suffers from these traumatic brain injuries at a large scale. When the bombs explode, the pressure waves that passes through the brain mainly disrupts brain functions.

Risk factors of traumatic brain injury: According to different age groups, children especially newborns to 4 year old, young adults between the age group 15 to 24, adults age 60 or above and males of any group are at higher risk of traumatic brain injury.

Complications of traumatic brain injury: Certain complications are faced by the patients during traumatic brain injury such as coma, brain death, blood vessel damage, paralysis, swallowing problems, intellectual problems, communication problems, sensory problems, behavioral changes and emotional changes.

These complications severely impact the brain of a patient and lead to long term treatment.

Preventive measures: Following tips must be kept in mind to avoid the traumatic brain injury:

1.Wear seat belts: Whenever you travel in a car, do not ignore to wear seat belt. Wear it properly as it will be safe for your life and your family members. A small child should always sit in a back seat to avoid such injuries. 

2. Avoid drugs and alcohol: Do not drive under the influence of alcohol or drug as it can lead to unconsciousness or loss of your sensory activities. While taking strong prescribed medicines, be aware about its affect. 

3. Wear helmet: Always wear helmet when riding with two-wheeler vehicle. Helmet will protect your brain to be getting damaged. While playing sports, wear appropriate head protector so that less injury could be caused.

4. Be attentive: Do not engage in mobile phones while driving, walking or crossing the road. These distractions can cause long term traumatic brain injury, accidents or falling. 

Tips for preventive falls: Install a handrail in washrooms, put a non slip mat near washrooms, improve lights near stairs, install window guards, remove area rugs, etc. 

Treatment of Traumatic brain injury: It is important to begin the emergency treatment as soon as you detect the traumatic brain injury. People with moderate to severe injuries are likely to receive treatment in an intensive care unit followed by a neurosurgeon.

Treatment always depends upon the recovery stage of the patient. In the acute stage, the ultimate aim is to stabilize the patient and focus on preventing further injury. Rehabilitation is the main treatment for the sub acute and chronic stages of recovery.

Some organization like Brain Injury Support For Veterans looks after the survivors who are taking treatment of the traumatic brain injury.

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