The ultimate guide with different event themes

The Ultimate Guide to Pairing Cocktails with Different Event Themes

You can never go wrong with having well-chosen pairing cocktails or mocktails for an event whether it be a black-tie event, a wedding, or a small party of any sort.

How a well-designed drink changes the atmosphere of an event is unbelievable and the perfect pour mobile bar USA knows just the way to do it. They know how themed cocktails act as a cherry on top in making any event a memorable and captivating experience for the attendees.

Now every individual can play along with drinks and come up with something unique but there are certain steps one must make to ensure that their pairing cocktails go well with the event theme, today we will be looking at the ultimate guide to pairing cocktails with different event themes.

However, it is highly recommended that you avoid the hassle and opt for a mobile bar USA like Perfect Pour.  Leave the catering to the professionals while you roam around and deal with guests, with a special mocktail in hand designed by our experts.

Figure out the event theme

It is necessary that you recognize the theme of the event thoroughly. Whether it is a party or an extremely formal event the right cocktail should complement and boost the overall experience. The more you understand the theme, the better cocktails could be arranged to suit the situation.

The aim of the cocktail should be to make you feel like a part of the event, the color pallet and the overall aesthetic should all be aligned. For instance, a pineapple coconut mojito would be just right for a beach party. Using ingredients that reflect your events personality and theme could act as a bonus for your beverages.

Innovative techniques and trends

Just like every other industry the cocktail market advances towards new trends and techniques over time, and in this fast-paced era if you are behind, people might stop attending your events. Hence you and your cocktails from the making to the serving must scream innovation.

Here are a few molecular mixology techniques that are trending in cocktails:

  • Fat washing
  • Nitro cocktails
  • Color changing drinks
  • Jellification
  • Mist

Contact the mobile bar ideas and for more innovative techniques for your next event that will certainly leave your guests amazed.

Have a variety

Now a key element that every party has is guests with different preferences. Countless people avoid alcoholic beverages, and kids at parties need something to drink. As a host, you have to consider all these factors, and usually, people come up with mocktails as part of their menu.

This is not something you just want to get off the hook, just like cocktails mocktails should be appealing to the eye and just as delicious so the attendees that opt for these drinks do not feel out of place.

Moreover choosing plenty of options based on the personal preferences of the guests could act as a rather heartfelt approach.

Pair with food

This might be the most enticing part of a cocktail and how it complements the food served. Since this is a very crucial part a lot goes into it. This could in itself act as a thoughtful touch leaving an everlasting impression towards the guests.

To ensure a balanced dining system the drinks must go with the taste and texture of the food, and the intensity of the drinks for the starters and the main course must vary so that it goes along with it. Having a contrast amongst different foods and drinks is also very important but you must keep in mind that a clash of flavors does not occur.

 Since this is a vast variety here are a few examples:

Foods paired with drinks


Traditionally seafood is preferred with white wine. But some seafood like pale ale goes great with bear and on rare occasions, it would be taken with a cocktail or a rose.

Spicy foods

A champagne cocktail or a beer would act perfectly to bring that spice level down and reduce the spice-induced thirst, moreover cocktails like John Collins and passion fruit gin that include club soda go great with spicy food as well.


It is known that steaks are served with red wine but a few cocktails that go very well include a classic martini. Furthermore, an old-fashioned bourbon could enhance the charry flavor of a steak and lastly, a margarita would perfectly balance the fatty flavor of the steak.


Choosing a cocktail that pairs with cheese could be quite difficult considering the fact that hundreds of types of cheese exist and pairing the right one could be tricky. But since we are on it a martini would complement the flavors of blue cheese immaculately, sour whiskey for cheddar, and gin and tonic with goat cheese would go together perfectly.


Making cocktails and pairing them with foods surely elevate the event experience by adding more feel, a sense of creativity, attention to detail, and passion to it. By complementing your drink’s flavors and aesthetic to your event and satisfying every guest, drinks play a huge role. Satisfying the taste pallet of an individual requires precision.

Since this work of art requires attention to detail it is advised that you go for a mobile bar like Perfect Pour so their experts can assist you in having your dream event with those special cocktails that you and your friends and family will never forget.

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