Planning to Live Stream ICC Cricket World Cup with Friends

Are you a cricket fan? You must be excited about the ICC Cricket World Cup Final. Cricket is the most thrilling game out of many sports. However, sports liking entirely depends on each person’s interest.

The ICC Cricket World Cup is just around the corner, and the sports enthusiasts start prepping to plan a fun day with friends. Watching cricket with friends is an excellent idea if you want to have fun.

What if you plan to livestream the ICC Cricket World Cup on the big screen and invite your close friend? Sound like a great idea. We will guide you on arranging a fun day with your friends and watching the thrilling World Cup Final.

Look at the tips below and start prepping for a fun day setup with your people. However, you need to plan everything beforehand to have an excellent experience.

Sign Up for the Streaming App

The best way to live stream any sports event with the best streaming experience is to sign up for any streaming app. Streaming apps are the right solution if you want to watch the match without buffering issues.

Streaming apps like Hulu s are set to live stream the ICC Cricket World Cup. Hulu is one of the best streaming apps that provides the best streaming experience for live sports events. 

However, Hulu is only available in some countries due to geo-restrictions. You can’t access Hulu in Philippines without a reliable VPN. A secure VPN helps you access the content that is blocked due to any restrictions. So, sign up for Hulu to watch the final live with your friends.

Set Up the Place

If you want to watch the World Cup Final with your friends, you need to set up a place where you can easily enjoy it. Planning to watch a cricket match with your friends means a lot of noise and gossip.

So it is better to set up the whole thing in a separate room so it won’t disturb everyone. Invite the people you want to join and start prepping accordingly. You need a big screen to binge the live cricket match.

However, you will also need a projector and other things to create a smooth experience. Watching a match on a big screen helps you enjoy more. So, start planning for the perfect streaming experience with your friends. Also, don’t forget to arrange a speaker to make it more fun.

Enjoying Snacks

Enjoying your favorite snacks is the best idea to spend a great time with people you love. However, you have a lot of variety in choosing the snacks. You can ask your friends to have an idea about what they love.

You can make popcorn or buy some chips to eat during the match. However, you can even ask the invited people to bring some snacks along. This way, you will have a diverse variety of snacks to enjoy.

Play Some Fun Games

Playing the fun games will help you enjoy if the game gets boring. One-day cricket can be boring. However, if you want to enjoy the whole event, consider playing some fun games.

What game can you consider that will help you to enjoy? Indoor games like UNO, Croon Board, Monopoly, and many others. These games are fun and will make your friend’s meetup a memorable one.

Imagine yourself sitting with friends and playing these fun games together. Watching a match with friends also lets you gossip about the exciting moments of the game. So, there is a lot to do and enjoy while watching the actual game. 

Plan the Menu

The Cricket World Cup is a big game that consumes much time. You can’t spend the whole day watching the game without eating anything. However, plan the menu beforehand according to everybody’s preferences.

The menu is an essential part of hosting a successful sports party. You need to decide on the dishes and do some groceries that you need while prepping the dinner. Or else, if you don’t have enough time, you can consider ordering some food.

However, ordering food can be expensive. You should decide all these things before the actual event day to avoid any inconvenience. Moreover, planning ahead saves a lot of your time and also helps you enjoy the game entirely.

Summing Up

If you plan to host a sports party with your friends, our list above will help you host a successful one. It is always a great idea to make memorable moments more special by spending them with your loved ones.

However, the first thing to create the best experience is to sign up for the best streaming service like Hulu. If you face any challenges while accessing hulu in the Philippines, you just need a secure VPN connection. So, start planning now to have the best day of your life. Sing up for the streaming app now, and don’t miss the exciting cricket matches in this World Cup. The streaming apps help you enjoy the game without buffering issues.

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