What Is the Acceptance Rate of International Students in the UK University?

The UK has been one of the most liked destinations for international students for more than a century. Many students from different countries used to visit the United Kingdom for their higher education even a century ago. In history, there are the names of many celebrities including prime ministers and presidents of some countries who had studied in UK universities in their early life. Today also, this trend is ongoing and many individuals from around the world visit the UK after class 12th for their graduation, after graduation for their post-graduation, or after post-graduation for a PhD.

Many students who have not yet decided where to enroll also dream of getting admitted to a UK university. But, there are certain questions in the minds of such students, which they ask from others or search on the internet. One of the questions is what the UK university acceptance rate for international students is. Those students will get the answer in this article and will also know some more things about UK universities. Let’s have a look at some aspects, which will put light on this topic.

What Is the Acceptance Rate?

Before talking about the acceptance rate in UK universities, it will be good to know what the acceptance rate is, which will help those students also who have just started to think about studying in the UK and are still confused about what they should know.

The acceptance rate is the percentage of applicants a university or a college accepts. To compute this, the total number of applicants is divided by the number of accepted students and then the percentage is taken.

When we talk about the acceptance rate of international students, it means the percentage of international students accepted in a university or college in the total number of international applicants.

Acceptance Rate of International Students in UK Universities

The acceptance rate of international students varies from university to university. The UK has some top universities in the world such as the University of Cambridge and the University of Oxford. Such universities are very selective in accepting international students and you can find acceptance rates from 9% to 16% only. So, only extraordinarily intelligent students get admission to such universities.

But, the UK has numerous universities, and there are universities where acceptance rates of international students are high. Aberystwyth University in Aberystwyth, Wales is the university in the UK, which has the highest acceptance rate of international students. The acceptance rate in this university is 96.1%.

Some other UK universities with high acceptance rates are the University of Roehampton (London), Bishop Grosseteste University (Lincoln), the University of Portsmouth (Portsmouth), York St John University (York), Leeds Trinity University (Leeds), Nottingham Trent University (Nottingham), Birmingham Newman University (Birmingham), University of Exeter (Exeter), St Mary’s University, Twickenham (London), and the University of Sussex (Falmer village, Brighton and Hove). The acceptance rates in these universities are from 83% to 94%.

Some More Things to Know About UK Universities

UK universities provide a vibrant atmosphere and a diverse culture to students. These universities have excellent facilities for research and studies plus students also find wonderful arrangements for sports and other recreational activities. There are different societies and organizations run by students in these universities. Some of them are based on the nationalities of students who have come to the UK to study abroad. Besides, some student societies and organizations are based on other themes such as sports, recreational activities, causes, hobbies, interests, etc.

The universities in the UK comprise excellent libraries, laboratories, playgrounds, sports courts, and more.

Student Accommodation in the UK

You can find excellent student accommodation in the UK with some amazing amenities. There are purpose-built housing properties for students in the UK, where you can find gyms and yoga rooms for wellness; in-house cinemas for entertainment; games rooms with arrangements for games like foosball, pool, and table tennis; smart TVs for watching OTT platforms and cable TV channels; Wi-Fi for online access; and a lot of other facilities. Some accommodation properties in cities like London also have swimming pools.

Student housing properties in the UK have some special study features also such as special study rooms and study desks with chairs.

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