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FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM MARKETING – PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESS. If the web has already represented a revolution in the way we live our days, we can state with some certainty that, over the few years that have passed since the internet became widespread, our way of approaching the cyber world has also significantly changed. changed.

The cause of this change is to be found in social networks: today these communities spread all over the world Facebook acts as a sort of filter not only for daily life but also as a real filter of the web itself: just think that today the well-known social network created by Mark Zuckerberg way back in 2004 is essential not only for approaching new people or communicating in a fun way with those you already know but also allows you to share news or let members know about a particular activity.

Facebook Marketing (and all social media marketing ), in particular, has assumed such high importance for companies that today they have real teams dedicated specifically to Buying Facebook Likes Malaysia and getting real marketing tips.

Facebook Marketing

The advantages that the Harvard-born social network offers in the context of content promotion are numerous, and none of them are negligible in the slightest.

First of all, it is essential to underline that creating a page that describes your company or startup and what it has to offer is free (other promotional services, which will be discussed in the following LINES “OR PARAGRAPHS”, are paid), so anyone can run some sort of business-related blog at virtually no cost.

Certainly, promoting that particular activity becomes more complex given the vastness of the community, but a lot on social networks can be attributed to “word of mouth”: if one person likes a content, they will introduce it to three others, and so on, creating a circle that can make a business very famous in a short time.

We must not overlook the fact that creating a Facebook page and inserting all the information into it can represent an excellent opportunity to save money on building a website from scratch.

Furthermore, Facebook always makes the tools it needs available to its users: in this regard, for example, it can be underlined that to start a sort of (considerably simplified and unpretentious) advertising campaign on Facebook, there is only the need to click some buttons: through a post, or through the function that allows you to request the help of your followers, you can ask the people who follow your page to invite their friends to follow the page in question.

Once again, this is a completely free feature.

So far we have talked about the promotion of companies that offer content or services, but it is worth specifying that everything said so far is absolutely valid even in cases where one intends to promote oneself (Personal Branding): just think of all the movie stars and music, but also to independent artists, who effectively use Facebook as a tool to promote their content and art.

Simplicity of data management and reading

FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM MARKETING – PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESS. A feature that considerably simplifies the management of a Facebook page compared to that of a real website is the ease with which elements can be inserted.

With a Facebook page, in fact, it is not necessary to be a programmer to update the information, nor is knowledge of complex writing languages ​​required: the choice of a profile image and a cover image is more than sufficient to define the image of the business and consequently attract new customers.

However, the fact that the style of the social page is not very pretentious should not lead the reader to think that it is a flaw, on the contrary: users are now very used to looking at Facebook pages, and curiously they pay more attention to the contents rather than the style and to the shape.

Furthermore, for pages, Facebook offers more complex tools that, if used optimally, can allow you to create adequate marketing campaigns.

The tool in question is related to page checking and offers to Buy IG Followers Malaysia.

First of all, it can be connected to a private account, to keep track of the progress of your page even when you are not connected to it; beyond this opportunity, the tool provides an intuitive interface, called Insights, which offers all the data relating to visits, the most commented posts, the overall number of likes received and in general the appreciation of the page itself.

Facebook ADS: Create advertisements for your business

Facebook engineers understand the enormous potential of the platform, for this reason, they have created a specific service for their users who intend to promote their business on the social platform by investing money: Facebook ADS.

They are nothing more than advertisements that allow, through specific algorithms, to ensure that your business appears on the bulletin board of potentially interested people.

This is a targeted service, with immediate and wide-ranging application.

What significantly varies the effectiveness of an advertisement (whose performances can be studied at any time by whoever manages the page) is its cost.

A low-cost advertisement differs from one of greater value mainly due to its range of action: the more the advertisement costs, the greater and more geographically distant the users that can be reached.

When you create an advert you are then asked, more or less explicitly, to select tags that can make the advert fall within a specific area of ​​interest.

This expedient is very useful as it makes the adverts targeted and specific for a particular target of users, as only users selected by an algorithm that evaluates the interests and “propensity” of the subject to observe the advertising will be reached.

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