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Toshi- Best Asian Restaurant in Dubai

Dubai is the hotspot of Asian food worldwide. The city is constantly evolving with Asian food. And if you are looking for the best Asian Cuisine when in Dubai ‘Toshi Dubai’ is the best spot to explore.

Be, it tender Sushi, Tangy Noodles, or flavourful ramen, ‘Toshi Dubai’ promises one of the tastiest Asian meal experiences you ever had. Thanks to, the top Asian chefs who helm the ‘Toshi Dubai’.

The chefs at Toshi use innovative cooking techniques and philosophy to derive the most out of the flavoursome ingredients. The chef creates a beautiful harmony of sour, salty, sweet and spicy flavours, to bring the delicious dish on your platter.

Apart from food, Toshi has a comforting, contemporary and stylish atmosphere and impeccable service. In addition, the panoramic views around create a memorable dining experience.

Explore Innovative Asian Dishes at Toshi:

Toshi offers authentic dishes from countries such as China, Thailand, Burma, and Indonesia. The restaurant offers unique ‘Asian fusion cuisine’ that combines diverse ingredients, flavours, cooking techniques and culinary traditions.

Asian cuisine has bold and tantalising flavours. All Asian cuisines are unique in their own way but still similar. The techniques, ingredients and flavour when beautifully combined bring a unique celebration of flavours. And Toshi has spot right combination of elements to create delicious Asian fusion dishes reflecting the diverse Asian landscape.

Popular Dishes served at Toshi:

Toshi Dubai has its own recipes, created by top Asian chefs. The flavours, ingredients and techniques are combined with creativity and experimentation to come up with unexpected flavours. For example, Sushi rolls filled with avocado and cream cheese, Korean-inspired Tacos, and Chinese dumplings filled with Foie gras.

If you looking to explore unique food combinations and try an unusual combination. Asian Fusion Cuisine is the perfect choice for you.

Apart from Asian fusion dishes, Toshi serves some of the best Pan Asian dishes. Pan-Asian dishes include the popular cuisine of China, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Pan Asian dishes serve authentic flavours, sticking to traditional cooking techniques and ingredients.

On the other hand, Pan Asian cuisine is prepared using traditional Asian cooking techniques like steaming, stir-frying, and grilling with a variety of Asian ingredients and flavours

Popular Pan-Asian Dishes at Toshi include- Japanese Sushi, Korean bibimbap, Vietnamese pho, Chinese dim sum, and Thai curries. These dishes are the perfect choice for those looking for authentic Asian Cuisine Pan Asian dishes.

Nutritional food at Toshi:

Toshi never compromises on the nutritional value of the food. Toshi uses fresh premium, ingredients for cooking. The nutritious ingredients used in cooking offer a range of health benefits. A cooking technique is focused on maintaining the nutritional value of ingredients. With one serving of Asian dish at Toshi, you get ample proteins, fatty acids, omega 3 and antioxidants. And thus, a healthy and tasty option at the same time.

Popular comforting dinner dishes at Toshi

Toshi’s Chicken Stew Stewers: A popular Southeast Asian Dish made with Chicken, skewers, marinated ingredients, and grilled till perfection.

Comforting Curry: Toshi’s comforting and tasty curry, is a perfect choice for light dinner. Curry is made with coconut milk, a blend of spices and vegetables and some proteins. It is served hot with bread and Naan.

Vietnamese pho: Vietnamese pho is a ‘noodles in a soup’ dish. The delicate rice noodles are soaked in the fragrant broth along with some protein. This dish is light on the stomach and is a perfect dinner option.

Japanese sushi: A popular Japanese dish, consisting of rich soaked in vinegar. Toshi serves one of the best and most unique sushi in Dubai.

Not just taste, the presentation of the dish has been Toshi’s top priority. The presentation is not just about the look of a dish but it has some philosophy to share. The presentation is all about balance, harmony and beauty. The presentation of the dish elevates the dish to the next level.


Toshi often receives positive reviews from visitors for its food quality, presentation, ambience, and service. Toshi offers unique Asian cuisine with a harmony of flavours, ingredients and cooking techniques. Whether you desire a novel dish or authentic Asian cuisine Toshi is the perfect choice for you!

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