How to Maintain and Extend the Lifespan of Your Generator?

Generators are practical devices that provide electricity during a power outage, preventing the interruption of everyday activities or company operations. Generators come in various electrical and mechanical configurations for use in multiple applications. 

Since purchasing a generator is expensive, you want to maximise its lifespan. Apart from routine generator load bank servicing, Generator Repair Company Whitby provides you with the services by which you can maintain your generator at peak efficiency. With proper maintenance and attention to detail, your generator can provide dependable electricity for 20 to 40 years.

Never Skip the Services.

The ideal schedule for a comprehensive maintenance examination would be approximately every six months, or at the very least, after 400 hours of operation. The Generator Repair Company Whitby recommends a specific maintenance program and set of chores for each generator. This includes completing generator load bank maintenance, cleaning the crankcase breathers, replacing air, oil, and filters for oil, flushing the fuel tanks, and checking and cleaning the crankcase breathers. 

To verify warranty compliance, it’s crucial to carry out these duties and document the findings of each inspection. Additionally, be sure to carry out any required repairs immediately if anything is found during the inspection.

Keep your Generator Clean.

Maintaining your generator by keeping it clean cannot be emphasised enough. 

A generator is susceptible to breaking down if filth and grime build up inside it, just like any other mechanism. The rotor and stator comprise a generator’s significant parts and are known for drawing in dirt and dust. 

Generators require more cleaning than typical machinery since they work in unclean environments. Therefore, Generator Repair Company Whitby is here to clean the air filters in your generator to get rid of dust and debris.

Replace the Batteries

Batteries may lose their power as time passes. Your generator batteries should be replaced every two years, but if the battery still produces enough energy, you may be able to push this out to 36 months.

Test the Generator Load Bank.

Gas ash, carbon and other deposits will build up inside the system when the generator is not filled. Generator Repair Company Whitby runs a load bank test to remove these deposits and increase the effectiveness and lifetime of your generator. It also helps to lessen the chance of generator failure.

Invest in High-Quality Fuel

While you could save a few pennies here and there on fuel, Generator Repair Company Whitby assures you that the cash you save now will cost you more money in the long run. 

The long-term cost of servicing, maintaining, and replacing your generator set will be higher if you use cheap, low-quality fuel. You should thoroughly investigate your gasoline supplier and regularly test your fuel’s quality.

Regularly Replace Oil and Oil Filters.

The oil in the engine loses viscosity over time due to heat exposure and accumulates dirt particles that cause filth. Due to reduced oil flow, engine hot spots, and corrosion, contaminated oil can impair fuel efficiency while shortening your generator’s lifespan. 

The Generator Repair Company Whitby recommends replacing the oil every 100 hours to maintain a smooth lubrication system and avoid engine freezing. Smoke and metal impurities in the oil can be removed by changing the oil filters. A low-oil shutdown option built into the generator may also assist in guarding against harm from running with little or no oil.

Clean the Filters & Plugs.

Your generator wouldn’t work if there were no way to breathe or ignite the gas inside the engine’s cylinders. You should swap out the spark plugs and air filter every 200 hours of operation or at least once at the beginning of each season. 

A Generator Repair Company Whitby guarantee that a fresh spark plug and a clean air filter enhance the engine efficiency and prolong the life of your generator.

Cover the Generator

To avoid weather damage, make sure your generator is covered. If you live where extreme weather is typical, you should get a shelter designed just for this.

Your generator’s enclosure may reduce or even eliminate the need for future maintenance.

Do not Ignore Warnings.

Shut off the generator and look into the issue if sensors or staff notice anything odd, such as an ominous or clanking noise that is increasing louder. 

Ensure to put off any urgent repairs and avoid attempting to power the generator with poor temporary fixes. Instead, consider Generator Repair Company Whitby.

Keep it in a secure location.

Lastly, you must follow some safety measures when keeping your portable generator. 

Make sure the gasoline lines are empty in addition to draining the fuel tank. Maintain a dry, cold environment for your generator. Avoiding rust and other damage will increase the generator’s lifespan.

Key Takeaways

The maintenance of a generator is crucial. Your generator’s efficiency and ability to start quickly might suffer from improper care. Therefore, following these portable generator repair Whitby guidelines, keep your backup power supply trustworthy. Generator owners should have a maintenance contract with a reliable company like Generator Repair Company Whitby.

One of Whitby’s top commercial generator repairs is Iron Equipment, so you can be sure your generator will run when and as it should. We have been serving customers since 2011. In Whitby, we offer load banking, gas and diesel generator maintenance, automatic transfer switch servicing, louvre system maintenance, and engine exhaust system improvements. Contact us for a free quote today!

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