Tips to Buy Painting Canvas Online in India

Have you wondered, why the amazing paintings painted back in the 14th century are survived even today? The colours and of course the texture for holding colours are key to such long-lasting famous iconic paintings like:

The Mona Lisa, Leonardo da Vinci -1503

The Starry Night, Vincent van Gogh – 1889

After deep research and examination of historic canvases, the Ayush Paper has managed to attain the quality of canvas to create your desired palette, for brilliant strokes on incredible texture. 

But there are a bundle of questions before buying the canvas, with the overwhelming choices for size, shape, texture and colour, so, finding the right canvas has become a task. 

We have made it easy by breaking down the process of choosing the right canvas to create your next masterpiece.

But first, let’s learn some basics:

What is Canvas?

Canvases are woven material wrapped around a wooden frame, hung on a wall or supported by a stand. We know that canvas is a popular surface for painting. But exactly what the canvas is: The canvas is the woven thread made up of either cotton or linen.

The fabric out of woven thread forms either a coarse or smooth texture. Linen material provides a smoother texture and higher quality material. Linen materials are expensive, so better if you keep them reserved for the best day and special paintings.

How to Choose the Best Painting Canvas?

After painting several paintings in a sketchbook, now it is time you try your hand at the canvas to get into the shoes of the professional artist painting wonderful paintings.

There are many reasons for using the canvas:

  • They are easily accessible, sturdy and professional.
  • Easy to hang and come in a variety of sizes and shapes.

When you are looking to buy the best canvas for yourself, the surface is the gold standard for quality analysis.

The stretched canvases have wooden frame or skeleton that makes them sturdy and convenient to use. While for larger canvases, there is the wooden bar placed horizontally to prevent the wooden frame from getting distorted. Also, the wooden frame makes it easy to hang.

You can directly hang it on the wall or put the wire back on the canvas for hanging. Also, you can customise your canvas by choosing the canvas fabric and frame.

Canvases are the desirable option for artists, and a good quality canvas means the beautiful expression of your art!

Types of Canvases

There are multiple types of canvases which are used by artists. However, the basic types are few with slight variations.

Canvas Boards

Canvas boards are lightweight wooden boards wrapped with thin canvas fibre. You can choose the canvas size and see what fits the canvas board. Such canvases are cheap and great for practising to create a shows-top canvas painting by the magnificent painting.

Cotton Canvas

It is an affordable and durable type of canvas and is perfect for beginners. A good quality canvas will last longer. The cotton fabric offers flexibility, and durability and is often primed with acrylic primer.

Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Gallery Wrapped canvases are the most common type of canvas. It is typically wrapped around the frame with a minimum 1.38” edge. However, the thickness of canvases may vary.


Linen is another canvas material. Linen canvases have a smooth and classy finish. The linen fabric weaves are closer to normal cotton canvas. Linen material is ideal for oil painting canvases.

If painted by professional artists it is hard to distinguish painting from realism, as the texture of the canvas is nearly unnoticed.

Linen canvas is the best for the professional artist, and the results are worth the money.

Most Recommended Canvas

The most recommended canvases at Ayush Paper are:

Acrylic Painting Canvas

The acrylic painting canvas is characterized by bright, sharp brush strokes with quality lines. Acrylic paint quickly dries on the canvas compared to oils, you can start creating your masterpieces without any specialised equipment. You can either choose cotton or linen canvas for acrylic painting. For beginners, it is a good idea to start with cotton canvases.

Black Canvas Painting

Artists use black canvas to create vintage and moody masterpieces. Again the black background reduces the effort and time by leaving the large empty space unpainted. The bright and light colours shine brilliantly against the dark colour.

At Ayush Paper, discover the wide variety, of superior quality canvas that elevates your art piece to another level.

Buy Painting Canvas Online in India

Choosing the right canvas is the first step towards creating fantastic paintings. We know that there is no size fits all. Select the canvas that works better for your painting style. Canvas varies with materials, texture weights and quality. The important things to consider when choosing a canvas are The kind of artwork, after-work appearance and how long you want your work to last.

Ultimately, you would not want to create a stellar and complex masterpiece on the wrong canvas. Choose the right canvas, that will reward the time and effort creating the masterpiece. Now avoid the hassle of searching for the best canvas by ordering the canvas from Aush Paper.

At Ayush Paper we have 100% pure cotton, acid-free and double-primed canvases for your beautiful creation.

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