Technological Advancements in EV Battery Charging Infrastructure Propel Market Expansion

EV Battery Charger Market Overview

The EV Battery Charger Market Trends is expected to meet the market value at a CAGR of 20% for the year 2022 to 2030. The EV Battery Charger is widely used for distributing electricity to charge electric vehicles, such as plug‐in hybrid electric vehicles and battery electric vehicles, and to transfer electricity from the electric grid. There are various types of chargers that are used for charging the electric vehicle, which includes inductive charges, AC, and DC to suit commercial or public charging, workplace charging, and home chargers applications.

Moreover, the EV Battery Charger Industry’s manufacturing companies are working on shutting off the charging process once the battery reaches full charge and improving the charging process. The manufacturing companies are developing automatic electric battery chargers and versions of portable battery chargers for attaining this. The manufacturers are developing this to eliminate battery overheating damage because of the excess charging. The EV Battery Charger Industry is developing and manufacturing various vehicle battery chargers for controlling the battery charging and converting the AC to DC.

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The mass adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) is enhancing the EV Battery Charger Market growth. Moreover, the low charging cost is expected to drive the market growth to generate a higher EV Battery Charger Market Share for the forecast period. The government bodies are encouraging electric charging stations’ growth, which can be a great opportunity to develop the EV Battery Charger Market Size. Along with that, the global market might face restraints due to the high initial cost for fast chargers. Further, the global market might face challenges due to the reduction in charging time for electric vehicles’ daily usage and different plug types according to the different EVs.

EV Battery Charger Market Segmental Overview

The EV Battery Charger Market is segmented based on the level of charging, electric vehicle type, and application. Based on the level of the charging segment, the global market has been classified into three levels such as level 1, level 2, and level 3. Among all these three levels of charging, level 2 charging is predicted to generate more EV Battery Charger Market Share for the forecast period. According to the electric vehicle type segment, the global market has been divided into two types: plug-in hybrid electric vehicle and battery electric vehicle.  Many industries prefer these two electric vehicle type segments to eliminate battery overheating damage.

The global market has been divided into three such as Super Charging, Normal Charging, and Inductive Charging, based on the changing point type segment. Among these three charging point types, the supercharging segment is predicted to generate higher market growth in the forecast period. Based on the application segment, the global market has been classified into two such as public and private.

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EV Battery Charger Market Regional Analysis

According to the regional classification, the EV Battery Charger Market Trends has its base in various regions such as the Middle East & Africa, North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, and South America. Among all the regions, Asia Pacific is dominating the global market because of the increasing governments promoting electric vehicles in the region and increasing demand for affordable electric vehicles for daily use. In the Asia Pacific region, China is expected to generatemore EV Battery Charger Market Size.

EV Battery Charger Market Key Players

  • Delphi Automotive LLP (Ireland)
  • Clore Automotive LLC (US)
  • Robert Bosch GmbH (Germany)
  • Current Ways Inc. (US)
  • IES Synergy (France)
  • Lear Corporation (US)
  • Baccus Global LLC (US)
  • Tesla (US)
  • CTEK Holding AB (Sweden)
  • Meta Systems S.P.A (Italy)
  • LG Electronics (South Korea)
  • Ficosa Internacional SA (Spain)
  • Schumacher Electric Corporation (US)

EV Battery Charger Industry News

In the first half of the year 2020, the global market has got affected due to the pandemic lockdown. The global market’s key players have played an important role and applied various strategies to combat the pandemic situation. In the present context, the global market has able to stand in the marketing completions and is expected to enhance the EV Battery Charger Market Growth in the forecast period.

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