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T2 Corporate Tax Return Filing in Canada – Everything You Should Know

Corporate tax filing in Canada comes with more documentation and disclosure requirements considering the scale of operations they engage in. Corporations in Canada are required to ensure their taxation compliances in T2 returns. Here’s a detailed understanding of corporate tax return filing in Canada. 

T2 Corporate Tax Return

As stated earlier, corporations operating in Canada are required to file T2 tax returns with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). As per the taxation laws, all the corporates are required to furnish their tax returns in T2 form, including the following corporates:

  • Idle corporations with no activity
  • Corporations exempt from tax
  • Corporations are not required to pay tax
  • Corporations operating as non-profit organizations

Apart from the resident corporations, the non-resident corporations are also required to file T2 returns in Canada if they have taxable capital gains income or carry any business in Canada or have disposed of taxable property in Canada. 

Types of T2 Returns 

Following are the 2 types of T2 corporate tax returns:

  • T2 Corporation Income Tax Return: This is the normal T2 return that can be filed by any corporation in Canada.
  • T2 Short Return: This is the shorter form of the T2 return that only eligible corporations can file. 

Important Components of T2 Tax Return

Following are the important components of T2 tax return for corporations in Canada:

  • T2 Form: This includes reporting of income as well as tax payable or refundable for the concerned tax year
  • Schedule 1: This includes the bifurcation of the total revenue into different sources like capital gains, losses, investment, etc.
  • Schedule 8: Here, corporations need to provide the income statement, balance sheet, and other financial data
  • Schedule 9: All the related party transactions, transfer pricing etc. are disclosed in this schedule.

Other relevant schedules include the following:

  • Schedule 6: Summary of the disposition of capital property
  • Schedule 12: Resource-related deductions
  • Schedule 13: Continuity of reserves
  • Schedule 16: Patronage dividend deductions
  • Schedule 17: Credit union deductions
  • Schedule 73: Income inclusion summary for such corporations who are members of partnerships

How to Ensure Accurate Filing?

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