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Step By Step Guide To Create An Action Novel

This generation loves action! Whether it’s a 2-hour long reel or a 2 thousand page of novel, action has always been a top choice for everyone. So, why not write an action-novel?

However, it may seem challenging to make your audience thrilled as they turn the page. But we have a solution for you!

Here, has brought you a little guide to help you make a superb action novel step by step. Let’s start creating your own storybook.

Write your Own Storybook - Thatshowitwas.Org

Step 1: Learn the Basics

If you have never written an action novel or anything like that, you will never miss the four basic elements of any action story. It includes sentence length, character goals, consequences, and active voice. Here’s what you should keep in mind to write your own storybook:

  • To make readers keep reading with steady and satisfying speed, go for short-winded sentences rather than long ones full of verbs, descriptions, and bulky filler words.
  • Always use active voice to create momentum and make your dialogues look lively and like real action.
  • Make the goals, points of view, motivations, and actions of each character clear. Keep in mind that their goals and feelings can be changed ahead. Consider some ups and downs as well.
  • A good action is one that unfolds with time. As each action has a reaction, there must be different consequences for each. Makes readers worry about the main characters and creates a fear of losing them.

Step 2: Action & Reaction

While creating your own storybook, you need impactful action sequences. One of the best ways to do it is by showing cause and effect throughout each action. Add details on how your character is instigating the action or reacting to it. Make their decisions look relatable in such situations. It adds depth and authenticity to your story.

Step 3: Add Visuals

You can’t help readers to imagine what you want them to do just by a bunch of words. It’s obvious that you need strong visuals that describe what exactly is in your mind. Use concise and impactful language with some vivid mental images that resonate with readers.

Clarity is key; avoid convoluted details and focus on scenes that quickly convey the essence of the action.

Step 4: Let the Story Go Ahead

Keep the pace dynamic if you want to drive the story forward, even in moments between intense action. Infuse the scenes with the goals of your character. Use some common storytelling techniques like montages and flashbacks to sustain energy and prevent stagnancy.

Step 5: Aware of The Language You’re Using

Effective language is the linchpin of a gripping action sequence. Stay aware of what type of language you are using. Is it filled with jargon? Does it sound dramatic or boring? As such, the question to yourself and read the pages again after a 2-day break for a fresh-eye perspective.

Use descriptive language. Instead of simply stating that a character is scared, show their trembling hands and racing heart.

Employ short sentences with powerful imagery to mirror the swift movement of your characters. Choose specific diction to convey the intensity of the moment. In the end, trim unnecessary details and keep the prose tight. You can hire a good book proofreading service for that.

Write your Story Book - Thatshowitwas.Org

Step 6: Keep the Action Time Short

Just because you are writing an action novel doesn’t mean you have to fill it with actions. Don’t keep them so long. It’s equally important to keep these moments short.

High-intensity events, such as a battle or chase, should occur in brief spurts to prevent reader exhaustion. Take sufficient breaks between two action scenes and character-driven scenes. It allows readers to reset and eagerly anticipate the next crescendo.

Remember that tension is also a key to making a grip. Build suspense by withholding information, introducing time constraints, or placing obstacles in the characters’ paths.

Additional Tips to Write an Effective Action Novel

Writing your own story with action needs a careful balance of pacing. Here are some tips to help you craft an exhilarating, action-packed novel:

  • Grab your readers’ attention from the beginning with compelling hooks or high-stakes scenes that set the tone for the entire novel.
  • Create characters with depth and complexity. Readers should care about what happens to them.
  • Give your protagonists strengths and weaknesses, and allow them to evolve throughout the story.
  • Outline your action scenes carefully, considering the geography, choreography, and pacing
  • If your action novel involves specific settings, weapons, or technologies, conduct thorough research to ensure accuracy.
  • Develop a well-rounded villain with motivations that are understandable, if not sympathetic.
  • Conclude your novel with a satisfying and climactic resolution. For a sense of satisfaction, tie up loose ends.

Bottom Line

In the end, don’t forget the emotional aspect of action. Explore the psychological toll on characters, making the physical conflict more resonant.

I hope this blog post is helpful to you. If you’re up for writing your own storybook today, we have a great storybook creating tool with a pre-made template. So, visit our site,, to try it now!

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