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Simplified Process: Tea Export License Application in India

Tea Export License in India

Exporting tea from India requires a Tea Board license, issued by the Tea Board of India, a government regulatory body. Here’s a comprehensive overview of obtaining this license:

Benefits of a Tea Board License:

  • Legality and Credibility: The Tea Board license signifies your legal authorization to export tea, enhancing your credibility in the international market.
  • Quality Assurance: The Tea Board ensures quality standards are maintained, promoting Indian tea’s reputation globally.
  • Market Access: Possessing a Tea board license facilitates smoother customs clearance and opens doors to international tea trade opportunities.

Obtaining a Tea Board license is essential for exporting tea from India. Here’s a breakdown of the simplified application process:

Simplified Process: Tea Export License Application in India

  1. Register with the Tea Board:
  2. Gather Required Documents:
    • Duly filled and signed application form (Form ‘A’) obtainable from the Tea Board website or their regional offices.
    • Attested copy of your Import Export Code (IEC) issued by the DGFT (Director General of Foreign Trade).
    • Declaration letter on your company letterhead stating that no directors or partners are associated with a company previously suspended by the Tea Board.
    • Company’s letter of authorization.
    • Applicant’s contact details and residential address proof.
    • Applicable fees for the Tea Board license.
  3. Submit Application and Fees:
    • Submit the completed application form along with all required documents and the prescribed fees to the Tea Board.
  4. Verification and Approval:
    • The Tea Board will verify your application and documents. This might involve an inspection of your tea processing facility if necessary.
    • Upon successful verification and meeting all requirements, the Tea Board will issue your Tea Board license.

Final Thoughts:

Obtaining a Tea Board license is a straightforward process, but ensure you have all the necessary documents and meet the eligibility criteria. The entire process can be completed online or through the Tea Board’s regional offices for your convenience.

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