HRTech Interview with Eric Levin, EVP Client Development of Model Match

Can you tell us more about yourself and your career before Model Match?

I started a small business in college in the health and fitness industry and became comfortable with the “eat what you kill” model of small business and startups. After graduating, my wife and I moved to western North Carolina where I was introduced to the “passive” recruiting industry where I built a team supporting the Real Estate Finance industry.

In 2008, the financial crisis put many of our clients and competition out of business but we saw this as an opportunity to double down so to speak and put ourselves in a position to differentiate and pick up market share. During that time I partnered with Drew Waterhouse to form Hammerhouse which was the precursor to Model Match.

Could you brief us about Model Match and your role there as an EVP of Client Development?

Model Match was an idea that came from our work at Hammerhouse supporting companies in their strategic growth/recruiting efforts. At Hammerhouse we started a specific process called “Model Matching” which incorporated not only the vetting of shared core competencies between “recruit” and company, but also staged and trackable processes from identification, engagement, meeting/trust building, to onboarding and retention.

This concept became the foundation of Model Match, a Sass platform designed to provide an enterprise and individual user better candidate identification, visibility, collaboration, reporting, and overall efficiency in the relationship building process that is integral to successful recruiting and retention. As Co-Founder and EVP Client Development I am involved in all aspects of the business with a focus on Enterprise Client engagement, support, event speaking, and consulting/best practices.

What’s your favorite part about working in this industry?

The human aspect. “Jobs” are only a part of recruiting. People follow/join people and people leave people. Learning what problems individuals and organizations are having and building solutions to those problems is what I enjoy the most. Model Match is a tech solution, but we engage as a partner not a vendor, and that is what I enjoy the most.

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