How to Select a Seat on Southwest Airlines?

Everyone wants to take a trip that meets their respective requirements. There are several criteria for it and choosing a seat of their preference is one of those. So, when you fly with Southwest Airlines, you can be worry-free as the airline allows you to travel on your favorite seats. A few clicks and you will be able to select seats as per your preference. Business travelers, those looking for an extra legroom or a window seat can travel as they want.

The airline has teamed up with the latest technology. That’s why it has become convenient and quick for it to help you pick seats for your upcoming trip. Now, let’s see the terms and conditions or rules that the airline has set for selecting seats. Moreover, you will also get to know how to pick seats of your choice and the respective charges for it.

What is Southwest Airlines Seat Selection Policy?

Before you are considering booking a ticket on Southwest for your next trip, know about its policy for the same. In the light of Southwest airlines seat selection policy, you will have a better idea regarding choosing your preferred seat. Here are the policy highlights –

  • The policy varies as per your ticket type.
  • Southwest assigns you a seat when you check-in as per your boarding group.
  • You must pay for the seat chosen or else you will have to switch it during check-in.
  • To upgrade your seats, choose while booking.

How to Select Seats on Southwest?

Are you looking forward to choosing seats on a Southwest flight? After you have made a Southwest en Español telefono, here are the quick steps to pick your seats.

  • Visit the official Southwest Airlines website or app.
  • Check-in to your flight 24 hours before its scheduled departure.
  • The airline sends you a confirmation number to pick your seat.

Go to the Manage Your Trip section.

  • Enter your confirmation number.
  • Go through the seating map of the flight.
  • View the seats available, their respective assignment code and the prices.
  • When traveling with a companion, you can choose the option of Select Seats Together.

How Much Does Southwest Charge for a Seat Selection?

Your seat selection ranges up to $50 for an Anytime Fare. However, the charges vary as per the ticket type. For additional seat selection, check the terms and conditions related to the flight ticket fares.

Also, keep in mind that the airline has no policy for assigning a seat beforehand. You get seats only while checking in to your flight. So, you must abide by the seat selection policy of the airline while choosing your preferred seats.

In Conclusion

Therefore, you can easily pick seats as per your preference when traveling with Southwest. Simply follow the seat selection policy and the steps to choose and pay for your favorite seats. And you will fly at your ease.

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