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How to Make Your Inexpensive Business Cards Stand Out?

Often, business cards are the first impression on your potential customers or clients. But for it to make the best first impression, it should stand out.

Interesting inexpensive business cards are less likely to get tossed. It will show your prospective customers that you think about things very differently. A good quality brochure will show that you care about the details.  Its attractive design communicates with the brand saliently, paired with high-quality stock.

To help you out, we are going to list the top creative ways to make your business cards stand out.

1.  Make It Simple

The trick to make your business cards affordable stand out is to make it simple. Keep in mind that your business is a snippet of detail about your business or you, it doesn’t have to tell the entire story, only inspire people to learn more. It can be difficult to master as you stare at the blank part of the card and try to figure out what detail you should put there.

The business card you are creating should look pleasant to the eye. It means you need to maintain a balance between emptiness and design. Take your business card just as any other piece of marketing material.

2.  Add Some Color

Check out different colors, too. White is not the only option. Papers come in different colors and a subtle pattern can do the trick to elevate your business card to a whole new level.

Another great idea is to include two or three colored papers together. You have the option to create a heavier-weight card with one color on the front and another color on the back. Creating a border with an accent-colored paper sandwiched between two non-accent colors.

3.  Share an Evergreen Tip

When you are printing business cards online, you can use the back of the card to share your expertise by adding a useful tip. Your recipients are more likely to hold on to the business card you are distributing if it shares the information you might require.

For instance, if you are a painter, you can share a quick tip on how to maintain your newly painted walls. When your potential customers hold onto the business card for the tip it offers, they will also hold on to the contact details.

4.  Create Texture

Humans are tactile creatures. Thus, adding texture to the business card through printing techniques or unique papers can elevate the design.

Choosing an embossed gloss for the back of the custom business cards or adding letterpress engraving are impressive ways to make it feel different in the hands of the potential and stand out of the crowd. In fact, you can also add another dimension to the card. It is possible to do that with elements, such as raised logos, 3D texture, or a card that folds. Test out the new techniques on a smaller batch prior to printing them in mass to ensure that the new texture is what you are looking for.

5.  Turn It into a Coupon

Another way to ensure that your recipients hold onto the business card is to make them do double duty as a coupon. Use the space on the back of the business card to share a deal that is just for the cardholders.

Even when they are not in need of your business at the moment, they are going to hang on to the card if they need it later. It is a great way to stand out if you are in sales or some other field where the business card is less about creative design and more about obtaining more leads.

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