How to Export Outlook 365 Emails to Gmail on Mac?

Are you moving your account from Outlook 365 to Gmail? Looking a solution for how to export Outlook 365 emails to Gmail on Mac directly? No worries, go through the following section as here you will be getting an advanced method that will definitely help you to securely export Outlook 365 emails to Gmail on Mac with attachments.

Outlook 365 and Gmail are popular webmail sources for data management. Many organizations and individuals make use of these two programs to organize their large amount of data on cloud. However, the need of migration rises when a user is moving from one platform to another. Because, users have a habit of switching their email applications frequently either due to personal reasons or due to the necessity in an organization. This is highly challenging for those who wants to access their emails from their old email server into a new one.

Why to Export Outlook 365 Emails to Gmail on Mac?

Email Clients are very important for users as they play a very crucial role in managing sending/receiving of emails. They are available for both desktop and cloud. However, these days, people are preferring cloud based webmail sources as they deliver flexibility to users. One can quickly access essential files by directly logging to required email account on cloud. Moreover, there is no time restriction. People can open their profile and view required documents from any location any time.

The only problem they need to face when they change their email platforms is the inaccessibility of old emails. As, there are no methods available that could help them out in reading emails of one webmail source to another. To perform the process properly, one need to utilize email migration solution that should be safe and secure to use. Because, Mac is a highly secure operating system and Mac users need to make sure that they are using the application that are verified and tested.

How to Export Outlook 365 Emails to Gmail on Mac?

MacMister Office 365 Backup Tool for Mac is an effective application that allow users to batch export Outlook 365 emails to Gmail on Mac at once. The software is secure to use as the tool will make sure that user’s confidential details remain protected during the process. The GUI is friendly and provides an intuitive operational steps that anyone can effortlessly make use of to export Outlook 365 emails to Gmail on Mac. The steps are very easy, short and simple. And, capable to perform the entire migration in minimum time.

Moreover, the Office 365 Backup Tool for Mac is equipped with multiple features that are advanced and carries out desirable result with 100% accuracy. However, the trial edition of the utility is also available with the help of which users will be able to test the process to export Outlook 365 emails to Gmail on Mac for free.

Working Steps to Export Outlook 365 Emails to Gmail on Mac

Step 1. Download and run Office 365 Backup Tool Mac on macOS.

choose Office 365

Step 2. Choose Office 365 from the left and enter login credentials. Click Login.

Enter Office 365 Details

Step 3. Cross-check the list of Office 365 items appearing on the software pane after the account is connected with the application.

Verify the list

Step 4. Select Gmail option from Select Saving Option property.

choose Gmail option

Step 5. Enter Gmail email ID with App Password. You can apply Filters if you want to export specific Office 365 emails to Gmail on Mac with attachments. After this, click Start Backup button.

provide Gmail details

Step 6. The process of Office 365 to Gmail is now started and you can use the Email Backup Report window to track the current ongoing migration status of Office 365 emails.

process running

The complete procedure will take seconds to complete and then show “Process Completed” message on the screen. Click OK and go to Gmail account that you have chosen in the above steps to export Office 365 emails. You can click on the required resultant file and read it in Gmail environment. The content will be unaltered and the related rich-text formatting properties of specific email are also 100% accurate.


The complete post has mentioned a way out to export Outlook 365 emails to Gmail on Mac with attachments. The Office 365 to Gmail Backup Tool for Mac is a friendly and safe approach that offers direct migration facility to perform the process. It delivers fast processing and accurate results without data modification. However, you can use the free demo of the tool and check the complete migration process of Office 365 to Gmail for free. It allows to export first 25 Outlook 365 emails to Gmail with attachments free of cost.

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