How Can You Apply For a Credit Card Instantly?

There was a time when owning a credit card was a tedious task. There was a long list of eligibility requirements to fulfil before you could proudly own one of the most prominent sources of luxury – a credit card. However, credit cards have become more of a necessity, and almost everyone carries at least one of these attractive plastic or metal cards. It has become a lifestyle trend to own a bunch of them. If you have access to one and you maintain it well, you can easily get hold of a few of them instantly.

Let us look at some simple ways to get a credit card!

5 Ways to Get an Instant Credit Card

Apply for an instant credit card by following these five ways:

1. Maintain your Credit Score

The first step to applying for an instant credit card is to sort out your monetary condition and maintain a high credit score. Once this requirement is fulfilled, you don’t have to go anywhere; the credit card companies will contact you and offer you their best deals. If you have taken loans, make sure you repay your EMIs on time. Maintain a decent bank balance and income stream so financial institutions can trust you with a good credit card offer.

2. Make Sure You Fulfil the Eligibility Criteria

Normally the eligibility requirements for credit card application are not easy to fulfil. The requirements include your sources of income, your repayment capacity, credit history, your nationality (should be Indian), your age (which should be 18-21 years plus), and a decent credit score. You can apply for a credit card online if you fulfil all the requirements.

3. Pick your Financial Institution Smartly

One of the most important factors is the financial institution you want to collaborate with for your credit card. Reputed financial institutions offer credit cards backed by powerful and advanced features. Made of plastic or metal, these cards facilitate instant payments, recharges, and lucrative EMI options, besides providing a great digital experience through dedicated mobile apps. 

Also, look for a card that works effectively on domestic and international grounds and offers you great rewards, redemption points, or waiver deals. You must also check out customer ratings, reviews, and testimonials to finalise the best credit card provider.

4. Fill out the Application Form and Fulfil the Requirements

Once you have finalised the credit card company, apply online. Just fill out an online application form on the card provider’s website, submit your basic KYC documents like your Aadhar Card and PAN card online, and get instant approval. 

You may also be required to submit documents showing your income. So, keep your documents like ITR filings, salary slips, or bank statements handy when applying for a credit card online. 

Once you get the approval, a small verification procedure will be followed, after which you will receive your credit card shortly. Make sure you read the terms and conditions carefully before you start using the credit card.

5. Activate your Card and Use it Diligently

On receiving the credit card, you must activate it, create a PIN, install the mobile app, and customise changes according to your needs and preferences. With access to a holistic mobile app, you can manage all your bill payments and emergency expenses using your credit card. 

You also get the leverage of converting your big-ticket purchases into small instalments for easy payments. You usually get a free credit period, wherein your expenses, if paid on time, don’t generate any interest. So, use this period, make payments in full, and use your credit card wisely!


With a streamlined process, applying for an instant credit card in today’s world has become much easier. If you are smart enough to manage your finances prudently, you can get easy access to a credit card instantly. There are several credit card providers in the market, and the best part is that you can get one by fulfilling easy eligibility requirements. To quickly apply for a credit card, go to the preferred card providers’ website, fill out the form, submit the necessary documents to get instant approval, and receive the credit card within a couple of days at your doorstep.

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