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From Design to Glow: The Role of a Neon Sign Creator | Create Neon

You’re hosting an important event, a wedding or even opening up a new restaurant downtown, but what’s that over there stealing all the spotlight from all the other ordinary space around? What’s so special about your place? A celebrity? No! It’s something even better.

It’s a Neon Sign!

Shape your moments with light

Neon signs have always been the stars of our shows but, now they’re taking our algorithms by storm. And what else is gonna make your event, occasion, or business pop on social media? If you’ve ever wondered how those wonderful signs that light up your favorite events come to life, get set for a treat!

Create Neon
Where Neon Dreams Come True
At the center of this neon revolution is Create Neon Sign, the pinnacle for all things luminous and a haven for your creativity. So, throw on some shades and add that glowing “wow!” factor to your special occasions with just a few taps or clicks on your screen.

We’re not just a brand, we’re your partners that will help you bring your dreams to life. Our goal is to make your neon journey hassle-free, accessible, and easy as pie.

Our Neon Tool
Where The Magic Begins
So what exactly makes our website so accessible? Yes, the power of our neon tool! ‘And with great power, comes great neons-ibility’. Our custom neon sign maker tool is the magic behind Create Neon’s success and happy customers.

Embrace your inner Picasso with our Neon Tool

Okay, this is where things get really fun. Having your own little neon factory right at your fingertips? Sign me up!

A Brief Through Of Our Tool

To kick things off, let’s begin by entering your text in the textbox. Be creative, It can be anything you want, even those cute emojis made on the keyboard.

Size: Moving on, select the size of your neon sign. We have a broad range of sizes you can choose from.

Fonts: Next in line is fonts! To be exact, we have 48 fonts that you can choose from to dress up your signs.

Colors: Now this is where it all comes together.  Colors! We offer 12 different electrifying colors. And here’s the kicker, the RGB mode. Our neon signs will abide by your moods with just a tap. You can dim, brighten, or change the color to whatever you feel like in static mode. Or how about everything all at once with the dynamic mode?

Warning: Indoor Neon signs Are For Indoors Only!—Stay safe

We love our neon signs and we acknowledge their requirements! Indoor signs are particularly tailored only for interior usage since they are not suitable for outdoors or exposure to moisture. So do keep this in mind! For outdoor use, please select the “Outdoor” option.

So did you see how you can create your own custom neon sign with little to no limits? What’s more exciting than that?

Try It For Free! 

Oh yeah, the fact that you can literally try our tool out right now for free! As your promised partner, we believe in nurturing the creativity of our neon-loving artists without limits. Create your own neon sign and envision a mock-up of your sign today! 

Convert your Logo
Glow-up Your Business
Listen up if you are a business owner! Create Neon isn’t just for party enthusiasts. We can convert your business logo into a magnetizing logo neon sign with brilliant shine! Just explore our free mock-up page, upload your logo on our website and we’ll make you a free mock-up of how your neon logo before you take the shot, just for your satisfaction. Then all you have to do is check out and join the thousands of our satisfied customers.

What We Offer

From wedding neon signs that twinkle with love and parties that leave you pulsing with energy to memorable business logos, we’ve got you covered. We are aware of different needs for each event or occasion and we cater to them accordingly, offering a perfectly tailored solution. Our determination shines through in each and every sign we create, be sure to check them out!

Discovering The Benefits Create Neon Brings

Did You Say Free?

Who even wants to spend money on shipping, right? We understand that and that’s why we provide free and fast shipping across the US just in 1-2 weeks.

Free Accessories 

We offer some freebies with your purchase as well. Get a free dimmer, installation kit, wall-mounting kit, hanging kit, remote controller, and installation guide with your sign.

Don’t Fear, the Warranty is here!

The top con of e-shopping is definitely the anxiety of receiving a defective product after spending all the money and time. That’s why we offer a 2-year replacement warranty, we will replace your sign in case of any defects. (By the way, the chances of those are rare.)

Affordably Lit

Brighten up your space without dimming your wallets with our wallet-friendly prices! Here, our signs and your budget both glow.

Trust Pilot: Trusted By Thousands, Loved By Many

If you’re still uncertain, let the customer reviews light your way. Real people, real experiences, and real testimonials. Which is why we so proudly flaunt them on

• Let’s see what Chris has to say “Very fast Service.”

• Kathy Guraro says “Love this Company.”

• RRL says “This company exceeded expectations.”

Read the rest of them to your heart’s content!

To cap it off, Create Neon is your ultimate partner in making your places more memorable. You can count on us, with our visionary Text to Neon Tool, Logo Conversion expertise, and a reputation that shines as bright as our neon signs. Get yours right now! We’re just a few taps away!

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