Equipment Stands In California

The Benefits of Using Equipment Stands In California

Shop equipment stands that provide a single spacious storage area for your tools. These tethering stations help prevent cross-contamination while also keeping your staff’s workstation organized.

Sonically, this amplifier stand lowers the noise floor and allows fine timbral. Dynamic, and spatial details to emerge, while providing a rock-solid bass foundation.

1. Increased Workspace

Equipment Stands In California allow kitchen staff to keep multiple items off the floor and in a single, easily accessible location. These types of storage units are ideal for ice cream shops, convenience stores, malt shops and bakeries that require multiple dispensers, machines, or other pieces of kitchen equipment.

This Regency stainless steel stand features a sturdy 16-gauge type 304 stainless top shelf that supports up to 800 lb. of evenly distributed weight, and it’s designed to support slushy machines and beverage dispensers. A galvanized undershelf holds up to 620 lb, allowing for plenty of storage space for supplies or additional equipment. Adjustable plastic bullet feet make it easy to level the Equipment Stands In California on uneven surfaces.

Ergonomic equipment stands position employees at an appropriate height to reduce back strain, and they’re also slip-resistant to prevent unnecessary falls. In addition to providing a safe work environment, these ergonomic stand products help to ensure that employees are following proper food safety standards by maintaining adequate distances between each other to avoid cross-contamination.

Conduct a detailed evaluation of your facility’s layout to identify areas where workers are within 6 feet of each other, and make reassignments when necessary to ensure social distancing is being observed.

2. Increased Safety

With the rise of musculoskeletal disorders caused by repetitive awkward movements, ergonomic stands have become a staple piece of equipment in most food processing facilities. These stainless steel stands position your employees at the ideal height to avoid strain. Reducing accident reports and overall facility costs.

Stainless steel is also naturally bacteria-resistant, making it a safe choice for any food processing environment. Coupled with a non-slip spray application, these stands help keep your workers even safer by preventing unnecessary slips and falls.

These Regency sanitary Equipment Stands In California have a heavy duty 16 gauge stainless steel top that holds up to 800 lb and a galvanized undershelf for added storage space. They also come with adjustable feet to help your staff level them on uneven surfaces.

3. Convenience

Ergonomic stands position equipment at the ideal height for employees. This helps prevent musculoskeletal disorders, which often lead to time off from work. In addition, the non-slip application on these stainless steel ergonomic stands helps prevent unnecessary slips and falls. Saving your facility money from expensive accidents.

This stand features a sturdy 16-gauge, type 304 stainless steel top shelf that can support up to 800 lb. of evenly distributed weight, making it ideal for slushy machines, soft serve ice cream machines, and more.

4. Increased Efficiency

When staff members are positioned at an ergonomic height. It reduces the amount of stretching, twisting and overreaching they have to do. This not only helps prevent musculoskeletal disorders, but it also keeps accident reports and related costs down. Ergonomic stands can be found in a wide range of sizes and materials, and most are made from stainless steel to meet food safety standards.

Another benefit of Equipment Stands In California is their energy efficiency. They help lower power consumption and carbon emissions, which in turn reduces utility bills and environmental impacts. The state of California has been a leader in energy efficiency standards for appliances. Equipment and vehicles since the early 1970s, and its progress has impacted the rest of the nation.

Turbo Air’s 30 inch x 48 inch Stainless Steel Equipment Stand is designed with a reinforced top and sound-deadening tape set between the frame and the top to create a quiet and efficient addition to your commercial kitchen. The galvanized steel undershelf is adjustable to maximize storage space and features plastic bullet feet for stability.

5. Increased Durability

Stainless steel is the material of choice for ergonomic stands due to its natural corrosion, abrasion, and chemical resistance. This ensures your equipment stand is durable enough to withstand the rigorous use of a commercial kitchen. Coupled with a non-slip spray application, you have the ideal combination of strength and safety.

This Regency Equipment Stands In California features a heavy duty 16 gauge Type 304 stainless steel top that can support up to 800 lb of evenly distributed weight. It also includes a galvanized steel adjustable undershelf that can hold more equipment or supplies for convenient access.

To further enhance this stainless steel stand’s durability. It is constructed with a welded channel frame and sound-deadening tape set between the top and base for quiet operation. Adjustable plastic bullet feet are included for added stability.

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